Futuristic Essay: We’ll Be Able to Make Our Own Movies Once

Technology has been developing greatly in the last few years. Now teenagers and adults are gradually getting used to new opportunities.

Indeed, we cannot imagine our life without smartphones, the Internet, YouTube, cameras, and so on. Maybe this situation has some bad sides because sometimes teenagers forget about the “offline” world. Nevertheless, all of us know how many advantages we have with the technically advanced reality.

Why Technologies Are Essential

We could spend considerably less time on searching for the needed information or writing an essay. Saved hours could be spent on, say, learning more about other countries and cultures at home, communicating with people who are very far away from us, and using loads of other opportunities.

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The world is changing, developing every day. And our future may seem a scene from a fantastic movie. But the predictions are that we do not need to use our imagination in order to find out what our future will look like. What’s more, we can try to foresee it without any witchcraft.

Visualization: Make Your Thoughts Visible

Nowadays, scientists are trying to see human thoughts on special screens. Although these experiments are not very successful now, researchers are sure that the gadgets visualizing our thinking may exist in the near future, and it would become a usual thing, just like as a smartphone for each of us today.

And such device would change the whole media market of the planet.

How Does It Work?

Such neurocomputer interface would be able to “read” human thoughts and transmit them to the monitor of a computer. It may be difficult to believe in that, but people in the 18th century did not believe in smartphones and Facetime, so you can draw a conclusion.

If this invention once came to reality, traditional ways of media content production would change extremely fast. Musicians and composers would not have to learn difficult computer programs for writing music. It would be enough to imagine the tune in the head. Film companies will not spend so much money on film production anymore.

How Can It Be Useful for an Average Person?

Every person would be able to create their own movies that now cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

The technology would also allow us to record dreams. Each of us could get up and watch them in the morning. If it did not cost too much money, it would cause a real media boom.

On the other hand, some people can imagine not the whole picture or video but just a few pieces of it. So, filming a movie by the head wouldn’t be convenient for everyone.

In addition, the device would help correct the already filmed videos, add some details or change something.

Another good piece of news is that this device would go along with artificial intelligence, helping create a picture a user would like to see.

That may sound crazy. But we can never know what will happen in 50 years.


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