Are You Using the Most Powerful WP Theme Available for Your Clients?

If you ever had to shed some plugins because they were messing your bandwidth, this article is directed at you. It’s time to use a WordPress theme that is packed full of features and also built for speed.

The way we see it, X Theme 3.0. is the ultimate WP theme of 2015. It scores points for all major standards. It’s based on clean code and has excellent customer support. It’s responsive, retina-ready, and 100% fluid. It’s easy to customize, and very flexible. It shares a significant amount of plugins for free, and optimizes them for high performance within the X environment. Not only this, but the Customizer itself is wired for speed, too.

Multiple Designs in One Theme


Do you know what else is great about X Theme? The fact that it’ll never stop adding stand-alone designs. You now have four Stacks to choose from. Create your client websites with Integrity, Renew, Icon, and Ethos.

Integrity is the kind of refined look you want for your business websites. Renew is the champion of flat design and can be employed for anything from web stores to blogs, and non-profit organizations. Content-heavy websites and the modern plus minimal Icon are a match made in heaven. And finally, there’s no better way to set up magazine or news websites than with Ethos, the visual-oriented design.

“Wonderful theme, extremely flexible, and with an amazingly patient customer support! Love X!” 

“Being a nonprofit with a very limited budget and no web development staff, our organization needed an accessible and user friendly theme to give our existing website a face-lift. This theme fit our needs perfectly – the customizability, feature availability, customer support, and forum resources have helped us develop a great website that the entire staff feels comfortable using. We do good work, and this theme helped us showcase that. Thank you!”

Harness the Power of Extensions


As mentioned earlier in this post, premium plugins are valuable tools. Depending on the type of website you’re making, you can use some Extensions from X Theme to your advantage.

Unlock all 15 Extensions, and their adjacent updates for all lifetime, when you confirm a purchase. Then, activate and manage the ones you want. They could be custom-made by, or adapted from the huge variety of WordPress plugins at large.

Some help you devise a smooth user experience. If you have a parallax background, then modify the scroll bar. When users scroll down the page with a mouse wheel, they experience Smooth Scrolling – with compliments from

Other Extensions are intended for marketing. Compose an attractive opt-in form, and keep it in plain sight to draw users into subscribing to a MailChimp e-mailing list. The MailChimp Integration built into X Theme makes it very easy to customize a form.

What if you suggested offers in a responsive Video Lock? Time the exact second when your video should start to play, give it a heading and subheading, and call viewers to action. There are three marketing buttons you can go by, or just devise your own.



When your website users scroll downwards, a small box can intercept them as they reach the bottom. Recommend offers or other posts through that Content Dock. Input shortcodes like [recent posts], links to suggested reads, images, and text.

One of the worst scenarios for a business website is not dealing with customer’s problems effectively. Sign up for an Olark account, and that will never happen to you. X Theme comes with Olark Integration.

What else can you do with X Theme? Take a wild guess. This theme has many more extensions: Terms of UseCustom 404Under ConstructionFacebook CommentsDisqus CommentsSlider RevolutionSoliloquyWhite LabelVisual Composer, and Google Analytics.

Check out a few real life examples with the Extensions from X Theme.

Content Dock




Disqus Comments

6-blakbook_disqus comments

Why You Want X Theme Performance

When you base your websites on X Theme, you are making a statement. That you no longer contend with bandwidth thieves. The third-party plugins that brought on board are essentially optimized for fast page loading. That means your users won’t have to wait. Faster pages convert. It also means that search engines favor your website, since page speed is a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm.

To go even further, X Theme shows performance when it comes to its Customizer. A little while ago, confronted the Theme Modifications API with the Options API in the Customizer. They stored settings on the database and then retrieved them in both ways, and compared notes. It seems that settings got stored in the database as an individual row when using the Options API. Which improved load time by 81% in the Customizer, and by 31% in the front end.

As you can see, it’s perfectly understandable why X Theme has been labeled the fastest-selling product on ThemeForest. Over the course of one year, this theme sold over 38K copies!


A Full-Option Theme for a Rewarding Year

All in all, X is the most versatile and powerful WordPress theme ever. It has four Stacks and 15 Extensions that help you create any sort of look and functionality for your clients’ websites. It sports an accomplished page builder with live preview, as well as unlimited sidebars, and unlimited styling.

As for the customer support paired with this theme, you’ve never experienced a more direct and eagerly provided solution to your issues. And it’s enough to search through the community forum, to find lots and lots of answers there. If I were you, I’d grab a copy of X Theme as soon as possible.


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