Top 7 WordPress Plugins That Make Blogging Easy

Blogging is all about making choices. First and foremost you have to choose the topic you want to write about. Next you should identify and choose your niche audience and your targeted readers. You’ll also have to choose a blogging platform to be able to post. However, your to-dos are not limited to these three steps though. Blogging is a complex procedure requiring a lot of time and commitment.
For your convenience WordPress offers a huge collection of plugins to give your blog an extra edge and make your blogging experience easy and fun. I have handpicked 7 great plugins for blogs that will make blogging easy and enhance their functionality in so many ways. Old hats and newbies are all welcome to check the list out. Here it is!

Easy Blogging

Easy Blogging Plugin

If you’re new to WordPress, it may seem confusing at first. That’s why Easy Blogging plugin comes first in my list. It does exactly what it says- makes blogging easier.

The plugin transforms your WordPress dashboard into an easy to use and navigate area, where you’ll find things simple and straightforward. All you have to do is to hit the “Activate easy mode” button and you’re ready to go. You can customize your admin area with the most necessary WordPress features with a drag and drop interface. It enables you to easily manage options for posts and pages, choose one of the four available theme presets, and upload your own admin icon. The plugin also allows you to create a wizard guide with a custom configuration.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery Plugin

WordPress Photo Gallery plugin is the right tool for creating and managing image and video galleries on your website. This WordPress gallery plugin enables you to add image galleries to your posts and pages, as well as display them on the widget are using the available widget options. You can provide detailed description for every image, create different image tags and organize the galleries into different albums. There is a myriad of beautiful views for gallery/album display, such as Thumbnail, Masonry, Mosaic Gallery, Slideshow, Blog Style Gallery, etc.

You can embed images to your galleries from Instagram, as well as include both images and videos from YouTube and Vimeo with a single gallery. The plugin is highly customizable, enabling you to modify its every setting to best fit your blog’s needs. Check out the plugin to get to know about all its amazing features. They’re too many to include in this small passage.

Event Calendar WD

Event Calendar Plugin

If you’re down to organizing frequent events for your readers and website visitors, then Event Calendar WD plugin is right what you need to check out. This WordPress event calendar makes it super easy to create, display, manage and promote events on your blog, giving you a lot of customization options. You will have a number of cool view options to display the events, such as List, Day, Week, Month, Map, Posterboard and 4 days. It allows you to provide a detailed info about each event including location on Google Maps and organizers, assigned tags and categories, and the event URL or video URL.

The plugin makes it easier for you to display frequently organized events by its recurring events option. You’ll just have to set the repeating rate for the event and it will automatically appear on the calendar on the scheduled date. The calendar is responsive and SEO-friendly, featuring structured event markup.

Yet Another Related Post Plugin

Yet Another Related Post Plugin

Searching for an easy way to provide more consumption and exposure for your posts? Well, YARPP plugin is here to help. As your readers scroll to the bottom of the post it displays other posts, pages and custom post types that are also relevant to the topic. It does so, by using a powerful algorithm that considers post titles and content, tags and categories to identify the related content throughout your website. You can display the related content in thumbnails or list views, and choose one of the available templates.

Search Meter

Search Meter Plugin

With Search Meter plugin you’ll be able to track what your blog visitors are searching for on your blog and provide the information they need. Actually, it provides search statistics and also lets you know which searches on your website have been successful and which were not. The stats can be easily accessed from your WordPress dashboard. The plugin shows stats for the last couple of days, week and month. It enables you to display ‘Popular searches and Recent searches widget’ to your visitors. Search Meter makes it easy to see what content your visitors are interested in, and you can use the stats to deliver that content to them.

Simple Share Buttons Adder

simple share buttons adder plugin

Simple Share Buttons Adder plugin provides an easy way to share your content across various social networks. Moreover, the buttons also provide stats to see which of your posts were the most shared ones. It’s responsive and simple in use and customization. You can customize the icons’ colors using the built-in colorpicker functionality and give them the look you want. The plugin provides shortcodes to insert the buttons wherever you’d like to, or hide them whenever you don’t need them. Its new OnScroll features enable you to display the sharing buttons depending on the current distance from the top or bottom of your page.

Broken Link checker

Broken Link Checker Plugin

This popular WordPress plugin is a real lifesaver. It checks your website content from top to bottom for broken links and notifies you if there are any found. Isn’t that great? The plugin parses not only your posts and pages, but your comments section as well. You are free to modify its every setting to have it work the way you want. For example, you can edit the links directly from the plugin page, without having to update each post manually.
These cool plugins are real time savers and will help you to focus more on the content you provide. They not only make blogging much easier but also help you better serve your readers and visitors. If you have other plugins in mind feel free to suggest by leaving a comment below.

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