Top 10 Tools For Java Developers And Designers

Writing quality Java codes is one of the considerations of Java developers and designers when it comes to development of Java based programs.

The enormous utilities in the Java framework are all there to help developers create efficient programs with significant coding.

For helping developers to code easier programming, a number of tools are there that can be utilized for the purpose. Here is a detailed description of the tools that are must have for Java developers.

This write-up is going to benefit beginners a lot, who are not well aware of the tools and generally waste a lot of time in searching the right option. The article is going to help the developers, beginners and all those who wish to gain insightful information about Java tools.

  1. Clover

The tool is mostly utilized for test advancements and efficient execution for upgrades in code. Clover is a subline device and it is executed in a nonstop incorporation framework. It recognizes things that get affected with coding blunders and makes the users aware of the fact while checking. Change in the code does not impact the testing phase and it puts forward speedier inputs to help in testing the codes.

java tools for designers and developers

  1. Librato

Being a hosted server, Librato smooths up administration that controls and guards cloud applications. It helps the developers in the arrangement of custom dashboard. The outstanding device makes it easy for facilitating the execution of things to make the information sensible. Whenever specific information is passed on thresholds, alarm notifications get generated. Thus, it is a wonderful tool to implement the things perfectly.

java tools for designers and developers

  1. Eclipse

Eclipse still holds the preferred position among the developers in the race of several other preferred development environments. The robust customized interface and a number of plugins have featured the importance of the tool among the web developers.

The workflow of Eclipse is divided into three areas: the Workbench, the workspace, and the perspective. The Workbench is the starting point of IDE. Workspace is there for grouping the files, projects, and configuration settings. Perspective, on the other hand, defines the views, tool, and settings available in Workbench based on the context of workspace.
java tools for designers and developers

  1. Gradle

Gradle is recognized as a project automation tool that has exclusive features of Apache Maven and Apache art. Gradle is gaining quick popularity among the list of other developed tools. The tool can also be utilized as the default built tool for Android. Gradle is simple and easy to use. Gradle makes use of Groovy programming language as opposed to the XML syntax utilized by Maven and Ant. For adding new languages, Gradle has a list of exceptional plugins.

  1. JUnit

JUnit prides itself on being an open source framework. The basic JUnit test comprises testing class, a testing method, as well as the functionality that is to be tested. Annotations are used by JUnit to get details on how tests are structured and run. For example if there is a class lets assume MathsClass having the methods of division and multiplications, JUnit test can be created to check for unexpected values. JUnit provides extra annotations that can be used to set the environment before the test runs.

  1. FindBugs

FindBug is open source that operates on Java Bytecode instead of source code. The tool has the potential to find the errors that may include null pointer, dereferences, infinite recursive loops, degraded use of Java library, as well as deadlocks. The tool is available as plugin for Eclipse, NetBeans, and more.

  1. Plumbr

Plumbr can be said as one of the productive tools that are used by developers to fix programming issues. The tool has potential to identify the locked threads, money leaks, and many more such issues in a JavaScript code. Additionally, the tool helps to smoothen and optimize the code results.

java tools for designers and developers

  1. VisualVM

VisualVM comes as an ideal choice for developers to monitor and review the performance of Java applications. The tool detects and gets attached to the active JVM instances so that the diagnostic information about a process can be collected. The tool is one exceptional to diagnose performance issues in real time.
java tools for designers and developers

  1. JProfiler

Renowned as Java portfolio tool, JProfiler comes as a useful option that helps analyze performance bottlenecks, CPU loads, as well as resolving threading issues. JProfiler provides support when profiling on the same machine or remote machines. JProfiler works as a stand-alone application as well as a plugin for Eclipse.

  1. Jar Jar Links

It is a common observation that implementing distinctive versions of libraries in a product, packages, or namespace clashes. The ‘Jar Jar Links’ helps developers avoid such kind of issues by creating suitable packages. The tool is one ideal for overcoming the dependency problems.

The list of the aforementioned tools comprises some of the most utilized Java development toolkits that facilitate the development procedure with a more effective approach. Apart from the tools that have been mentioned here, the Java landscape is continuously changing with the arrival of robust, powerful and dynamic tools, utilities, as well as libraries.

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