Best 22 Examples of Engaging Long Scroll Websites

Traditional web formats are beautiful with their simple layouts and separated pages. But if you’re looking to impress , long scroll websites are the way to go.

When it comes to a successful product, service, or presentation, the key is to keep your audience glued to the screen from start to finish. However, that would not be possible if your visitor needs to jump from one page to another to get information.

That’s where the long scroll website format comes in. This website design promotes the use of a long home page to provide as much information including features, statistics, videos, and contact details.

If you are looking for inspiration and to learn what excellent long scroll websites are made of, then you ought to check out our top 22 picks:

Square POS

22 Best Long Scroll Websites

Mixing a minimalist design with some simple animations, Square POS entices you to try a different point-of-sale system—one that grows and moves with you.


No, it’s not the universe getting back at you. Karma Go is a WiFi system you can take wherever you go. With an introductory video and colourful graphics, it wants you to think of the things you can do with a reliable and portable WiFi.


Colorful graphics, smooth animations, and endless looping make this French creative team’s long scrolling website magical. The use of minimal texts and quirky photos and illustrations only make PUPPETS more out of this world.

Nest Thermostat

With a slick design and advanced features, this small round thermostat can do wonders in keeping your home temperature in check, saving you thousands of dollars in the long run. Reflecting the product’s simple but efficient design, the Nest website also adopts a classy and engaging layout.


To present the culture and diversity of bicycles, CycleByCycle uses an array of pastel colors and beautifully clean illustrations that you can zoom in to see the details better.


The graphic designer duo behind Panache truly knows how to catch eyes as they made their long scrolling website using bright colors, hypnotic patterns, and simple transitions.


22 Best Long Scroll Websites 2

Presenting vulcanized shoes aimed at outdoor explorations, this shoe website lures visitors with visions of action and adventure. The combination of still and looping images, along with the notable features of its collection, make Vulking irresistible.


“Build it beautiful.” That is the enticing message from Squarespace. With its gallery of beautiful design samples and the long list of desirable features, we can’t help but think that building an attractive and efficient website is indeed easy.

Made in Days

Handcrafted wallets made with genuine waxed leather and firm vegan felt are the highlight of Made of Days. This website showcases its product’s fine features and their limited-time promotions in one long page.


This colourful infographic from Atlassian will make you realize just how many distractions you deal with every day at work and how they affect your and the business’ overall performance.

Nathan Riley

Previously, we have presented Green Chameleon as one of the creative design agencies to look out for. Now, we present to you the website of one of the artists behind it. Using a simple scrolling format and bold fonts superimposed on the related design project, Nathan Riley’s website exudes a cool and classy aura.

Dangers of Fracking

What is hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” and how does it affect nature and us humans? This informative long scrolling website shares meaty details about the Dangers of Fracking using storybook illustrations, complete with paper textures, and animations that will make you reconsider using natural gas.

NASA Prospect

With beautiful illustrations and ambient music and sound effects, NASA Prospect takes you on an adventure of epic proportions—a journey through space where you will land and cruise through all planets in the Milky Way Galaxy to unravel the secrets of the golden objects and save humankind.

La Moulade

Another creative studio, La Moulade appeals to your visual senses with stunning transitions, simple sound effects, vibrant colors, and a unique portfolio presentation.


Who said car fresheners need to have a simple, boring design and scent? The enticing and constantly-changing concepts from Airpure certainly disagree. Using candy-bright hues and comic-book animations, this website presents your favorite sweet treats re-imagined into equally sweet car fresheners.

One Dollar Lesson

22 Best Long Scroll Websites 3

An informative presentation from Kaspersky Lab, One Dollar Lesson offers statistics regarding the threats surrounding online shopping and payments. The website utilizes 3D models, ambient sounds, and gorgeous animations.

88 & 90 Lexington Avenue

This website promotes Grammercy condo units between two distinct yet inseparable buildings. Using cool color schemes and pairing it with fun illustrations and alluring photos from the buildings themselves and the neighborhood, 88 & 90 Lex creates a casual but professional online platform.


The R/m Design School offers educational projects that focus on different elements of graphic design. At the moment, the site features font pairing—showcasing the best pairs of typefaces spread on a minimalist layout.

Chapter 3

Professional cyclist clothing can be quite dull with their mostly monotone colors and assortment of brand advertisements. With the hopes of creating a better and more stylish choice for cyclists, Chapter 3 was born. Made by Castelli, this clothing line and its website illustrate high quality while maintaining subtlety.


Every room in our homes are important, but the kitchen and dining areas hold a special place in our hearts since they’re where the family gathers and bonds. With its classy website and eloquent taste, Eginstill promises to make your kitchen as special and unique a space as it ought to be.

For Better Coffee

Believe it or not, there’s a formula behind a perfect cup of coffee–one that entices you with its sweet aroma and keeps you energized with its strong taste. The five simple but effective tips For Better Coffee by Freese Coffee Co. reveals how to create that perfect cup.

Sergey Mahkno

Using a minimalist design and striking animations, Sergey Mahkno lets visitors focus on what really matters—the exquisite architectural designs the team has conceived, a good number of which landed them with awards.

As we can see, long page scrolling designs can work well for communicating your story. With careful planning and execution, it can drive engagement, increase brand value and bring your audience closer toward your main goal – be it a form submission, buying a product, or shifting their current mindset. What do you guys think? Have you visited a long page scroll design lately that fits the bill?


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