Top 10 Ecommerce Designs To Get Inspired By

Online retail has evolved into a behemoth of an industry. Our culture of shopping has moved into the virtual world where you can find just about anything from clothes to tupperware to monkey food.

Today’s post is a showcase of 10 examples (in my most modest opinion) of the most alluring ecommerce designs for your inspiration. Each of the below have been specifically designed with modern standards to maximise sales and to drive customer conversion by effectively showcasing their products. If you’ve got a store that you like to breathe new life into, scroll down!


afends e-commerce designs

Afends focus largely on their imagery – a large rotating slider on the homepage, icons on the blog pages, Instagram feeds on their “family” pages – keeping everything neat and uncluttered, effectively stressing an ease of navigation.


asos e-commerce designs

Leading online retailers ASOS somehow manage to cram all of their featured products and blog posts, competitions and style edits in an elegant and clean fashion.  With sections for a marketplace, boutiques and personal stylists, ASOS have focused on building an online community rather than just a store.

Black Milk

blackmilk e-commerce designs

Independent clothing company Black Milk successfully incorporate their brand image and values into their design, with fun graphics and bright and bold colour patterns. Their cute and quirky design works great with their young audience.

Finlay & Co

finlay e-commerce designs

British sunglasses retailer Finlay & Co use large promotional images and wide spaces to draw attention to their products, collating their collections pages in category order and making it incredibly simple for their customers to make an order.

Ghostly Store

ghostly e-commerce designs

The Ghostly Store’s minimal design provides its customers with an easy-to-use interface that sits in line with; the parent music blogging website that led to its creators launching The Ghostly Store.

Marie Catrib

marie catribs e-commerce designs

Marie Catrib’s provides a fun and interactive store interface, with quirky little graphics and image pop-ups. A modern twist has been applied to a rustic design, showcasing the Marie Catrib brand in an effective and memorable manner.


misguided e-commerce designs

Fashion retailers Missguided target their audience well with their fun and flirty design. With a boxed layout on the homepage that highlights top picks and promotions, Missguided use their homepage space successfully and ensure their customers’ focus is on featured products.


Reiss ecommerce design

Luxury fashion outlet Reiss know their niche and portray it well with an elegant and clutter-free design. Each detail has been designed with the customer in mind, from its extensive filter menu, to its product/outfit view toggle function, to its handy Wishlist feature.


sinstar e-commerce designs

Sinstar’s design represents its heavy social media presence, with a nifty little box of social icons that scroll with you as you make your way down their pages. Their use of blogging (creating posts on subjects that their audience will be interested in, such as rock festivals, tattoos, etc) is yet another reason why their customers will keep on coming back to visit their store.


tatttly e-commerce designs

Tattly keep their design minimal, with a simple black and white, no frills or fuss design – but that’s what I love about this store. Everything is organised in a purposeful fashion, meaning customers can find what they are looking for within a matter of seconds. Stress free shopping at its finest!

Overall, inspiration for your store should be taken from your individual brand, embracing your own ideals and values. Keep it clean, elegant and build your store with your customers in mind and you are bound to be a winner!

This is a contribution post by Abbi Perks of Shopifybuilder

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