Sweet 007 James Bond Icons and Wallpaper Freebies

If you’re an avid CLD reader, you’ll notice that I sometimes take a bite out of the pop culture cake. Today’s reference is on one of my favorites, the inspiration for the entire Austin Powers saga – James Bond.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been reminded of Agent 007 (since 2012’s Skyfall actually) and being a fan, I had to share this with you guys.

So what does Dr. No and Goldfinger have in common? Aside from trying to kill our British super spy? They are part of the awesome set of James Bond icons by Jory Raphael. Free for download (yes it’s free), Jory has so far released 6 icons and intends to release more mini-themed icons as part of his ‘Year of Icons’ project.


The 6 icons currently available are Dr.No, Goldfinger, Thunderball, Casino Royale, Diamonds are Forever, and Goldeneye. To follow the Bonds series and to check out more of Jory’s awesome work (check out his Superheroes and Star Wars series), go to his page – Sensible World.

P.S Jory, please do one for Octopussy or Jaws.


james bond wallpaper

The iconic gun barrel opening sequence was designed by Maurice Binder at the last minute, by pointing a pinhole camera through a real gun barrel. The actor in the sequence is not Sean Connery, but stuntman Bob Simmons. Connery didn’t film the sequence himself until Thunderball. Here’s a free wallpaper download!


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