The Importance of Having an Anchor Text Profile

“Anchor Text” is basically defined as clickable text (often underlined) in a hyperlink. It functions to provide context for the inbound links and has a very important role to play in website’s organic search volume.

As someone wanting to increase your online presence, you should know that a page has very good chances of ranking high in search results if a number of links with the right keywords in their anchor text are pointing towards it. So, you can understand why anchor text has a very crucial role to play in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), making one thing certain that Anchor Text Profile is very important as it gets you more traffic and increases your visibility.

Anchor Text Profiles have a lot of benefits to their name and some of them are stated as follows which depict the importance of its use and how it enhances your profile by several folds:

Improves the Ranking of Profile:

It’s a well-established fact that keyword research and on-page optimization are very important for all blog posts. So, whenever you compose an article, try to have t targeted for specified words.

Moreover, it’s a very healthy practice for bloggers to link with other information and articles by using anchor text as it helps in regularly incorporating their work.

While doing this, a few things must be kept in mind and a few blunders must be avoided to reap the desired results. Many bloggers make the mistake of linking to previous articles by using text like “read here” which holds no technical value and is of no significance to the search engines.

By using anchor text, create links that employ the use of target keywords to link to the old articles and that’s what will give your profile the required boost!

Another thing which must be considered is to not just focus on the internal links but also equally on the links from other domains with anchor links. This helps you care for your guest posting campaign. Local citations can also be a powerful way to neutralize an anchor text profile – iNet Ventures recommends them for a variety of reasons, including helping to keep an anchor profile natural and clean.

The keywords that your profile uses as anchor text must be a varied mixture. This means that the keywords you use should have a well-divided ratio of keywords that depict your profile and all other aspects that can be related to your profile in the form of specific words. This will help you gain more visibility in Search Engine Optimization.

It’s highly advisable to use links that are of the top-quality with half the ration using your target words. Employing this method can be very fruitful and can your rid your backlinks of any Google algorithms that are added afterward.

WordPress has made the use of Anchor Text very easy and simple. When you add a link to any of the text written, you are given a choice to include a title of choice and the title that choose can serve as your anchor text.

This is how Anchor Text Profile enhances the rating of the profile, using the tips mentioned above showing the right way to put anchor text into use.

Reader’s Perspective:

A direct benefit of Anchor Text Profile which depicts its importance is reader’s perspective.
The use of anchor text magnifies and that too by a great degree the time a reader spends on your website (profile). This enhances your blog’s or profile’s page views.

Furthermore, by using anchor text you can provide the reader with a greater number of links and information portals on their topics of interest and that facilitates them and leaves them with a very good impression of you. An anchor text profile should be natural.

One thing that you must follow here is linking your profile only to the information that is relevant. If you add irrelevant links, that will irritate the readers and they will refrain from going through the entire profile.

This use of anchor text grasps your profile attention from the viewers, facilitates them and guarantees to bring them back!

Search Engine Optimization Benefits:

As mentioned earlier, anchor text profiles are important as a linking strategy. The back-links that it provides are a very significant part of search engine algorithm. So, if your profile uses the right keywords that are relevant to it and have both external and internal links then the boost that it is likely to get in the search results are remarkable. This is the primary benefit of the use of anchor text and the basic reason why bloggers put it into practice.

However, it’s important that while doing so you don’t forget to use the anchor text distribution formula. People using this formula are most likely to appear in the top 10 searches of all search engines while those who ignore it, fail to get such high search results.

It’s therefore evident that Search Engine Optimization supports and promotes the use of anchor text and so it is advisable to use it (following the anchor text distribution formula) in order to generate higher views of your profile and to get maximum traffic!

Wrapping It Up

Now that you know about Anchor Texts, you should work on improving your Anchor Text profile because doing so, as mentioned above, can play a significant role in strengthening your online presence.

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