5 Tips for Merging Beautiful Web Design with Great SEO

A website that is designed for optimal functionality and visual appeal is one of the keys to online success. It is important, however, for your website’s design to adhere to the principles of search engine optimization. Luckily design and SEO are not competing factors, but rather complementary ones.

A website that is designed correctly will go a long way to ensure sound search engine optimization. This is because search engines take functionality and user experience into account when determining a website’s rank. There are, however, more practices that you have to take into account to ensure maximum optimization. Today we are going to take a look at 5 tips for merging design with SEO to ensure the highest possible traffic generation to and lead conversion of your website.

Remove Paywalls

Member’s areas or content that users can only access once they filled in forms or deposited money can have a negative influence on your search engine rankings. Obviously, it can be difficult to remove content blocks, especially if your info product sales are the business’s main source of income.

This is where design comes in. If you have web content that is sectioned off to the public, it is important that you have other sections or pages containing free, valuable, and optimized content elsewhere on your site. Where possible, however, content blocks should be removed.

Enhance User Experience

To optimize your website’s user experience ensures Stellar SEO. Firstly, make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. It is estimated that more than half of all searches are conducted via mobile devices. If your site is not mobile enabled, your website will definitely not rank well on Google.

Secondly, make sure that your on-site navigation is on point. Intricate drop-down menus, buttons, and clickable content everywhere can leave your visitors feeling confused and frustrated. Many will leave without trying to figure your site out. This will increase your bounce rate and lower your ranking.  It will also diminish your website’s conversion rate. Designing your website with a simple menu and one call to action per page can solve this problem by making it more functional and visually attractive.

Speed-up Your Website

This tip can also be categorized under user experience. To boost your site’s functionality, you should make sure that your website’s loading time is reduced to a bare minimum. Design elements and plug-ins that slows down your website should always be removed or replaced, regardless of their visual value.

Search engines try to keep slower sites away from top results pages, so this unnecessary design issue can diminish your traffic and conversion severely. Remember to schedule regular speed checks to ensure that slow website speeds don’t reduce your sales and income.

Optimize your Images

Alt-tag every single image on your website with relevant keywords. This will add text that search engines can use to produce the most relevant results to their users. The alt text, image title, and image file name can be worth solid gold when comes to SEO. It is important that images should be relevant to the other content on your site as well.  Images can slow down a site, so it’s important to check the image sizes on your site and to scale them down when necessary.


All the content and design elements on your website should be updated and relevant to your website’s visitors. This is especially important if your business and its website have been around for some time. Relevancy maximizes the value that your users will derive from the content, ensure that they spend more time on your site and, ultimately, nudge them into taking the action and clicking the buttons that you want them to.

Check out the latest web design trends, review your website regularly, and always try to use new and original images that don’t come from stock image websites. Spend some time on the content itself to ensure that the information is updated and that it helps to save modern-day problems. Search engines always try to get relevant and trending designs and information in front of their users.

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