7 Tips for Starting a Successful Blog in 2019

You read blogs all the time, but have you ever considered writing one?

There are many benefits of starting a blog. You can use it to inspire others and grow your business. On top of this, blogging helps you become better at writing and customer communication, an important skill regardless of career choice.

But before you bounce back the internet to set up your site, check out these tips to help you set up the most successful blog possible:

1. Blog Consistently

Blogging consistently helps establish reliability with your readers because they’ll know when to expect from your content.

It also helps show them that your blog is deeply committed to its topic. This can build trust with readers and help to establish more leads in business.

If you know you’ll have trouble getting in a quality post each week due to time constraints, consider batch creating content and scheduling posts in advance.

It is a good idea too set aside some of your finances to spare in case your car breaks down or air conditioning needs to be repaired. In the same way, consider setting up an “emergency fund” of blog posts for weeks when you are sick, busy, or simply need a vacation.

2. Be Kind and Spread Happiness

The world is filled with varying opinions, and the internet is where they’re all smashed together in the tight space of search engines.

Many are competing to be the top and some can get a bit carried away.

When you write your posts, make sure that you are respectful towards others by sharing your thoughts in a way that is honorable and constructive. This will benefit your blog’s reputation as well as setting a good example for future bloggers that will be inspired by you.

Since you are now a contributor to the written world; you can use your blog to help and inspire others.

And if your blog’s goal is to encourage or give advice to people, than simply being kind is the definition of a successful blog for you.

Additionally, being kind also makes you happy too. So go make someone’s day by posting something wonderfully awesome!

3. Get Feedback

Constructive feedback helps make your writing better and can help you grow more in your blogging techniques.

Others writers and bloggers have lots to teach, and exchanging feedback on each other’s work can help enhance your editing skills.

Google Docs is one of the best places for this. Always remember, though, that you want constructive feedback, not just any kind of feedback.

Point out the positive portions of each other’s work and not just the flaws. This will help make your feedback be both honest and kind.

4. Make It Look Neat

Your content may be amazing but no one will know that if they click off your site too soon because it looked spammy.

A poorly designed website can hurt traffic and reduce sales.

Consider eliminating annoying ads and pop-ups. You do make money from them, but you are also driving away readers at the same time. Make sure to keep this opportunity cost in mind.

You don’t necessarily have to get rid of all ads though. Just make sure your site doesn’t look spammy or unprofessional.

Also, consider getting your own domain name; they aren’t super expensive and help even more to make your site look even more legit.

5. Connect With Other Blogs

Reach a wider audience range by connecting with other blogs through posting on other websites and inviting guest posts.

This blends audiences and can bring your blog more traffic.

If you get to the point where you can accept several guest posts a month, consider using these opportunities to up your posting frequency because more posts lead to more views.

6. Learn SEO

SEO is how you can help your posts rank well in the search engine. If you’re a new writer, don’t worry about this right now, instead focus on consistency and quality.

However, if you’re experienced enough and already create high quality, consistent content, consider using SEO to drive more traffic to your posts.

If you need help; read more here.

7. Don’t Give Up

A runner doesn’t get the glory of a marathon finisher on day one; giving up is one of the best ways to fail at starting a successful blog.

You are unlikely to see a ton of traffic at first but remember each view matters. Every view is a real person, not just a number. Remember why you should start a blog.

If you can make a difference in one person’s life then blogging is worth it. What if your one post leads to them making a difference and positively affecting society?

By not giving up you are building perseverance and becoming a better writer.

A successful blog is not only about the views.

Final Thoughts on Starting a Successful Blog

Our words have great power and we can use them for good or for bad. We can use them to inspire and construct or to bring down and destroy.

The internet is filled with both kinds of successful blogs. It is up to you to determine what kind yours will be.

As for us, we’re a graphic design company that likes to help people!

Check out this page for tips to help you as you’re designing your website’s home page or read more tips on how to start a successful blog.

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