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In this competitive era every individual wants to be recognized and give the best first impression as possible to help establish him and his business. The most effective way to do that is through the stainless steel business cards. Business cards have been in the market for a very long time as the basic mode of promoting a business. Usually they are made of paper which is a cheap method and is utilized to prevent to lower the investment cost. These traditional cards are now being replaced by the stainless steel business cards. As the name suggest these cards are made of stainless steel and are of a very high quality. The stainless steel business cards leave a very eye-catching impression of one’s business due to their sleek and unique design. Studies have shown that the marketing with these cards have been quite effective and are helping the newly established business in the market.

The stainless steel business cards yells sophistication and are able to mark a great impression on the clients mind and force him to do business with you. Although these cards a quite expensive to be made but a little investment will bring a lot of benefits in the long run. The stainless steel business cards will never disappoint you yet they will make you standout and there will be a feel of self-confidence while talking to the clients. The clients will also show interest because the sense of maturity and boldness compels them to think about the best quality of your business. There are a lot of templates available in the market which can be taken as base to design the cards of your own choice. Some of these templates are free of cost while those which are offered by the designers are paid. Some of the most used templates in 2020 are given below to provide you with enough content to make the card to reflect your business.


Stainless Steel DS Template


Stainless Steel DS Template

Present day and sharp, the DS business card layout has been applied to 0.5mm of hardened steel that is as amazing as it is useful. The first completing on the front and back keeps up the great look of this material, and has non-drain scratching applied to make a matte look that includes an unpretentious style of class to the unassuming surface. The top of the line idea of these tempered steel cards has a modern pizazz and silver shading that goes connected at the hip with motorsport and overwhelming apparatus organizations – the two of which would see this plan as a perfect portrayal for their business. Kick the bucket cutting has permitted further customization of this card, with a structure that is suggestive of the barbecues that are found on increasingly incredible and rock solid vehicles. As opposed to reducing the primary message of the card, this arrangement adds to the refined look, while additionally underscoring the motivation behind your business and making it effectively recognizable to beneficiaries.


Frosted steel business card

Frosted steel business card

Our treated steel cards are both very good quality just as have a mechanical style. This glimmering alternative comes in three potential finishing: unique, reflect, and frosted. Unique completing has the shows up of a standard understanding of treated steel. Mirror completing is cleaned to a splendid, intelligent sparkle. Our Brushed completing is suggestive of paint strokes. These finishings are every one of a kind and can be utilized on a similar card with the limitation of one completion for each side. Scratching is a delightful complement that can be added to these finishings. Drawing brings about a matte completion that doesn’t sit flush with the card. Like the entirety of our metal cards non-drain carving, and custom bite the dust cut are remembered for the cost. Great additional items to consider are spot shading and variable information.


Modern Brushed template

Modern Brushed template

This modern and particular business card template has a stained effect which is quite appealing to the client. There a two parts in the file cover front and back. The file format is the PSD and can be easily printed on a steel base card.


Double Sided Template

Double Sided Template

In the event that you possess a business house, be it enormous or little, you can utilize this specific metal business card layout to make cards for your utilization. The record accompanies completely sorted out and layered PSD reports.


Laser Cut template

Laser Cut template

This specific metal format makes extremely flimsy kind of business cards. You can without much of a stretch alter the logo territory with your organization’s one, realistic works and messages, if there are any.

Stylish template

This specific layout can be utilized to make business cards of measurements 3.5×2 inches. You can make cards of both lighter and darker rendition. The document is of CMYK shading mode and can be printed all things considered of 300 dpi.

Minimalist Modern Template

The Seawall business card layout uses moderate motivated plans to have an incredible effect. Sharp and clean, the mirror completing on the facade of the card quickly draws in the consideration of recipients, while unique completing on the back limits interruptions from the better subtleties that have been scratched into the card. Non-drain drawing fills in as an extravagant expansion to the two sides of this 0.5mm thick plan, making a matte impact that improves the smooth arrangement. Prominent organizations, for example, protection specialists and budgetary guides would profit by this particular plan, which all the while guarantees exacting polished skill and an insignificant measure of object, close by aptitude that is ensured to intrigue. The individuals who get one of these treated stainless steel business cards are promptly guaranteed of the capacities and abilities of the pertinent organization, passed on through the unmistakable obvious design that subtleties their simple methodology and confided in aptitude.


The above mentioned are some of the most unique and appealing steel business card templates that can be made by a person to get his business recognized and stand out among other businesses in the market. Don’t hesitate to invest in the stainless steel  business cards and get satisfied with the outcomes.


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