The Best Business Card Design Tips to Attract More Customers

In a digital world, paper business cards are still essential. Handing out your business card(s) to partners/clients/customers can prove to be a very rewarding and lucrative marketing opportunity—a tangible first impression.

A good business card needs to contain more than just your name and contact information but not much more.

This is why making the best business card can be tricky; the best business card design needs to be simple, yet bold in the right areas.

Enough contradictions. The purpose of a business card is to attract the attention of customers so that they don’t throw it away. If you’re confused, the following tips will help you to succeed in that regard.

Keep It Simple

Focus on including what is most important but don’t decrease the font and overload your card with social media information. Include your name, phone number, email address, and most crucial social media handles.

You don’t want to be struggling for space—keep all of the key copy 5mm from the edge of your card.

But Still, Be Creative

Your tiny canvas may be smaller than small (especially when you trying not to crowd it) but you still need to differentiate yourself. An attractive business is as usual as a smile or a firm handshake.

Consider things like dice cuts, rounded corners, holes punches, different sizes, and folds to liven up your card but don’t go overboard (so probably don’t do all of those things). Use colors but not too many colors.

Maybe even choose a special finish. Finishes like of foil blocking metallic inks (when use subtly) can be perfectly eye-popping.

Again, don’t overdo it! Always think in-between too much and not enough.

Make Sure It Is Legible

Customers and clients need to be able to read your card at a glance; it can’t appear distorted or too small. So avoid funky/fancy fonts.

White Space Is Good

It can be tempting to want to fill up that 3.5 inch by 2-inch card; However, white space is good because it draws attention to the actual words/information in contrast.

Also, don’t stray too far away from light colors; black cards often get in the way of clients who take notes.

Work Your Logo

Your company’s logo should take up almost the entirety (if not the entire) of one side of your card. Your logo should be the first thing that draws attention to your card.

The Best Business Card Design Is a Thick One

Many people perceive thicker cards to mean they are more expensive. People respect cards that feel present in their hands; remember, these people will see and feel your card before they ever see your portfoliofeel is as important as the look.

Don’t Print It Yourself

Get your card printed professionally—it will often seem cheap if you don’t. There are many new era print solutions you can check out.

Make Multiple Cards

If you have multiple businesses, make multiple cards. Each card should be tailor-made to promote each specific business.

Have a QR Code

If you’re worried about not being able to include all of the information you want your prospective client to see, consider creating a QR code. QR codes are the easiest way to include all of your information by establishing link between the card and your company’s website, etc.

Include a CTA

A call to action is important to reel in your clients/customers: tell them to check out your website, offer them a discount.

Consult Your Friends, Family and Social Media Followers

After you think you’ve created the best business card design, test it out. Show it anyone and everyone; if someone recommends something valuable, go for it—business is all about collaboration (even with people you aren’t necessarily in business with).

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