How to Make an Aesthetically Pleasing Instagram Template

“What’s your Instagram handle?”

In recent years this question has often become more common than asking for someone’s phone number. It’s not only a way to contact someone, but it’s also a small, curated window into their soul.

Instagram has also become one of the best marketing tools, and whether it’s for personal or business use, it’s important to make your Instagram stand out.

One great way to keep your Instagram updated with cool, creative stories and posts is by using an Instagram template. Read on for our guide to Instagram templates, and we’ll have your Instagram aesthetic looking great in no time.

Choose Your Aesthetic

Before you can start perfecting your Instagram aesthetic, you need to decide what kind of aesthetic you want to portray.

Some people go for a bright, vibrant aesthetic that catches people’s attention immediately. Or maybe you’d like to go the opposite direction and have a minimalistic aesthetic for your account. Some accounts focus more on pastel colors or inspirational quotes than on actual photos.

Decide on a Color Theme

Along with a consistent aesthetic, it’s also important to have a consistent color theme.

Whether you’re posting photos, text, or a combination of the two, having consistent colors will draw people to your feed and increase your visibility.

Having a consistent color scheme also makes it simple to use well-known Instagram templates while also making them uniquely you. All you need to do is change background colors to fit your theme and voila! Easy content.

Compile A Pre-Made Instagram Template Library

While it’s fun and rewarding to create your own templates, sometimes you just don’t have the time to do that. and if you’re trying to make it big on Instagram you need to be posting regularly.

There are plenty of resources for pre-made templates for Instagram so it’s easy to find something to match your aesthetic. Most of them are customizable and some are as easy to use as simply posting them.

Canva is a great resource and has thousands of templates, both free and paid. You can customize them within the app or outside of it, and save it for later or post straight to your feed or story.

Think of the Big Picture

When creating your Instagram templates and choosing your aesthetic, remember that the overall look of your page is almost as important as the individual posts.

When people visit your Instagram, the first thing they’re going to see is the grid of recent photos. It’s important for this to be just as visually engaging as the individual photos, and make them want to click through to each photo, and of course, smash that follow button.

More Design Ideas

These Instagram template tips are just the tip of the iceberg for creating a successful Instagram brand.

For more design ideas, online courses, and other resources, stay with us and spice up your internet presence.

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