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How to Change Your Social Media from Fun to Social SEO

Is social media helping your website get more visitors?


Are you using social media effectively to help move your business forward?


While social media can be a lot of fun to use, it’s important that you’re not wasting your time with it. You should be doing more with your social media profiles than just having fun. It’s crucial that your social media presence is contributing to your overall strategy online and is helping you get more visitors and leads to your website.


Below we’ll look at the best ways to transform your social media presence from fun to social SEO instead.

1. Encourage Social Sharing

Social sharing is one of the biggest ways that social media can contribute to search engine optimization (SEO). If the right influencers share your content you may end up getting some powerful backlinks as a result. These backlinks are essential for SEO and can do a lot to boost your site rankings.


The best way to get your social media posts shared more often is to simply post better content that your followers will love and to make sure you’re engaging your audience. There are many great ways to do this.


For one thing, it’s essential to vary the kind of content you post. High-quality videos, infographics, gifs, and memes have the potential to get shared often. Make sure you’re posting all kinds of great content on your social channels.


Additionally, before posting any social media content be sure to always think to yourself whether your followers would be happy to share it with their family or friends as well.

2. Know How to Post Content

You should also know a few good rules and guidelines when it comes to posting on social media accounts. It’s important that you’re posting consistently and that you’re using your posts to create a better connection with your audience.


You shouldn’t just be posting promotional content all the time. Something that would work on a billboard or in a traditional advertising campaign isn’t what you should post on social media. Make sure you’re giving value first and helping your followers with their problems or trying to start a conversation with your audience.


Remember that you shouldn’t post too little but you also shouldn’t post too much either. Make sure you’re simply being consistent and interacting with your audience in a personal way.

3. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

If you haven’t optimized your social media profiles you’re probably missing out. A well filled out profile can be a great tool that can help improve your SEO.


Similarly to when you’re trying to improve SEO for a blog post or for another page on your website you should also make sure to fill out your social media profiles and “about” sections completely. Add a description of your business, making sure to add in a few locally-relevant and industry-relevant keywords.


If possible be sure to claim a URL or name for your social media account that is exactly the same as your website or business name. You should also add all of the information you can including your location, your business hours, and your website.


Adding this information can help Google recognize which social media accounts are connected to your business and your website. Having plenty of content on your profile will also make it more likely your social media profiles will be found by search engines and people on social media sites.

4. Grow Your Number of Followers

Believe it or not, having a huge amount of followers on your social media accounts is not as important as many businesses think. However, growing your followers is still important for having a great presence online and improving your SEO.


The most important thing to remember is that if you build a great social media presence the followers will come. Make sure you’re following the tips above and posting valuable and interesting content consistently and followers will find their way to you. It’s a slow process but it’s well worth it in the end.


On the other hand, be sure to avoid scammy tactics and shortcuts. Never pay for Facebook likes or Twitter followers. Only true organic followers will help you improve your SEO.

Making the Shift to Social SEO

If you start using social media as a tool to help you with SEO you’ll start getting much better results with your efforts online. Make sure to use the social SEO tips above to make sure you’re using your social media accounts wisely and making the most of your online presence.


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