SMS Vs Whatsapp Business: Which One Is Better For Gathering Customer Experience?

The customer is the king. How many times we have heard this! And the fact is it is always good to ask for feedback from the customers. Staying connected with them helps in growing a cordial relation. And once the customer gets confident with you, there is no looking back. In fact, a satisfied client is the biggest advertisement for a business. Even in an era of the Internet, word-of-mouth is the most effective form of advertisement. So, how does a business stays connected with its customers while pitching for the new? SMS and WhatsApp business are 2 platforms that are most commonly used. 

Here we will be doing a mini comparative study between the two channels of advertisement:

  1. Connectivity: SMS for marketing is in use since the 1990s. Obviously, it has its share of advantages over the other means. A survey by Nielsen reveals that SMS scores better in readability. But the world is technological, and the phase is changing. About 69% of the global population now owns a mobile phone with high-speed internet. It means more accessibility to messaging apps like WhatsApp, hike, and messenger.

    WhatsApp being the favored media for communicating between friends and relatives has a better grasp over the market. Businesses engaged in an informal advertisement through the media have the advantage of constantly being in touch with the consumer.

  2. Ease of use: WhatsApp allows the users to ask queries to customer support, track their shipment or apply promotional vouchers on their purchases. SMS lacks this feature. It is more of a one-sided conversation. Most businesses do not respond or have a one-way messaging service. But WhatsApp allows users to revert while scrolling through the feed.

  3. Engagement: WhatsApp business is an API dedicated to business owners. They can send promotional videos, images, and vouchers to their users. Tracking the order, lodging the complaint and seeking feedback comes next. All these while the consumer is going through the WhatsApp messages. Definitely, WhatsApp business scores better here. It has features like connecting it to the business number rather than the personal number.

  4. Encryption: This is a very sensitive part of owning a business. You do not want your business plans to leak to your competitors. SMS can be hacked. WhatsApp business provides end to end encryption. Your rival company cannot spy on your chats with the client or your bids. 


Final Thoughts

WhatsApp business is the next solution to receive customer feedback. SMS is more of a conventional and outdated approach. At the same time, WhatsApp business offers affordability, better connectivity, seamless user interface and above all secure encrypted exchange of messages. So when you do a comparative SMS vs WhatsApp business study, the latter takes the lead.

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