How to Create and Use SEO Advertisements to Help Grow Your Business

Did you know that there are almost 1.7 billion websites today?

You read that right! What’s more, over 100,000 new domains get registered every single day.

Now, those numbers are impressive and all, but that also means competition is super tight. With so many websites out there, your own site could be easily lost in the over-saturated online world.

Unless you start using high-quality SEO advertisements. Proper SEO advertising can boost your chances of getting seen by your target market.

What can these advertisements bring to the table though? And how exactly do you squeeze in advertisements in your SEO campaigns?

All these and more, we’ll answer in this post, so keep reading!

The Lowdown on SEO Advertising

SEO advertising is the combination of search engine optimization and paid search ads. With SEO, you optimize your web content so they appear on the “organic” or “free” search results. It’s the backbone of every online marketing campaign.

The thing is, using legit SEO tactics alone can take months to get your site on the first page of search results. Now, consider that 75% of Internet searchers don’t bother checking page two of SERPs. As such, if your pages aren’t on the top search results, you may end up losing so many potential customers!

This is where SEO advertisement comes into play.

SEO ads, like pay-per-click ads, let you display paid and “sponsored” ads on search results. And yes, these ads often appear on the topmost part of search engine results pages.

What’s more, you only pay for an SEO ad when someone clicks through it. The fee depends on the competitiveness of your chosen keyword, so be sure to choose wisely.

Customer Research: The First Step to Creating Effective SEO Advertisements

Every SEO and paid search ad campaign starts with customer research. You need to know the exact needs and wants of your target market. You have to learn what exactly they look for online, and the methods they use to search for these.

You can start with a list of keywords you think consumers use to search for businesses like yours.

Let’s say your business provides heating and air conditioning-related services. Good keywords may include “heating repair” or “air conditioner service”. Also, consider more specific keywords, like “heater not turning on” or “AC not cool enough”.

To make your research simpler, you can also use online keyword generators. The best generators even provide you insights on how popular each keyword is. You may also want to check out this company to learn more about customer and keyword research.

Curate an Irresistible Ad Copy with Your USP

Each PPC ad comes with limited space for content, so you need to make it as compelling you can. One way to achieve this goal is to inject your unique selling proposition (USP) into your ads.

An effective USP highlights what you have that your competitors don’t. It’s an insight into the advantages your business has that makes customers choose you. It also gives a sneak-peek into why your customers keep coming back for more.

Getting your USP into your advertisements makes your ads even more targeted. Customers will already have an idea of what to expect when they click on the ad. This also filters out the less-relevant users while drawing in more potential customers.

Complete Your Ads with a Strong Call to Action

Don’t forget to steer your customers into performing an action, preferably a purchase! Some of the most powerful words to use in your call to action are “Get”, “Buy”, and “Shop”. Combine this with more “personal” terms like “You”, “Your”, or “Yours” to further compel your visitors.

Get Your Website on the Top and Convert those Visitors Now

As you can see, SEO advertisements can complement your organic online marketing campaign. These ads can boost the results you get from curating interesting and fresh web content. They can drive more relevant traffic to your site, so you have better chances of conversion!

Need more help with creating effective and enticing online advertisements? Then be sure to bookmark our site for more how-to-guides that can help your business grow!

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