SEO Web Design is a Make or Break for Your Business Success

Many businesses venture into the digital space to expand their reach and find new customers. If you are one of those that have finally decided to create a website for your online shop, the next thing you should do is drive traffic to your domain. Having a good looking website is one thing, getting the right attention is another. That’s where digital marketing tools and techniques come into play.


In the competitive digital world, it’s important to use of marketing tools that drives traffic to your e-commerce website. One of the most effective ways to do that is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


What is SEO?

A search engine like Google provides search results where web pages are ranked using factors such as web activity, the relevance of the content to searches, domain authority, among other ranking factors. SEO is the strategy to make your website more compliant with search engine standards. There are a number of SEO techniques that you can use for your business’ success and one of them is SEO Web Design.


Why SEO is Important

There are 74,210 searches performed in Google every second, with the average user performing 3.4 searches a day. And with a majority of users clicking on one of  the top five results in the search engine results page (SERP), it’s become increasingly important for businesses to appear in one of those top positions.


Search Engine Optimization is important because it allows your website to be seen by audiences that are looking for your products and services. SEO crawlers index websites by relevance and keywords, giving users the best results for their searches. Shopify’s SEO checklist can help your online store rank higher than its competitors.


Here are other benefits of SEO:


  • Improves user experience (UX) – Optimizing your website to rank on SERPs also entails improving the usability of a website. When users are able to easily find what they need, it leads to better experiences, which builds trust and encourages them to return.


  • Competitive edge – Even if two websites sell equally good products, the one that adheres to good SEO practices will inevitably have an edge. If you rank high on SERPs, people will click, which leads to more traffic, and ultimately, more sales.


Why Web Design is Important for Business

Web design is important for business because it is like the storefront for your digital presence. Much like an actual shop, where the storefront attracts and entices people to check out your products; having a good web design invites customers to find out more about what you’re offering.


Web design helps businesses with the following:


  • Navigation – A good design helps customers navigate a website with ease. Your website should be easy to navigate and simple enough to understand regardless of the background of the user. This leads to better UX, return visits, and increased conversions.


  • Content and Visual Elements – Your font and image choices help in accurately delivering your messaging to your audiences. Content and visual elements that are well-laid out allow users to easily find what they need. Conversely, web pages that look cluttered can quickly turn off users, decreasing the chances for conversions.


  • Brand Uniformity – Good web design enables your brand to be consistent with its brand identity. While branding is not part of SEO web design, consistency is crucial to establishing trust and credibility with current and future customers.


  • Engagement – Good web design also allows your customers to engage with your products and services better. And when customers are able to seamlessly interact with your website, it leads to more enjoyable experiences. Even simply speeding up load times and making it compatible with all devices bode well in boosting engagement.


A website is not too far removed from physical stores. When information and/or products are easy to find, and good customer experiences are provided, it makes relationships with customers stronger, which is always good for business.


Some companies use apps like React for creating Document Object Models that can speed load times. With great web design, you’re to facilitate conversions – the bottom line for all digital efforts.


Combine good web design and SEO for business success

Great web design alone won’t help your business top SERPs. A website can have the coolest design and the cleanest layout, but if it’s not search engine friendly, it won’t do much to affect your bottom line. As such, web designers need to integrate SEO practices early in the website development.


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