Is a Social Media Presence Important for Digital Marketing Success?

The success of social media for personal use is well-established, but social media as a marketing tool is still underrated.

If your company hasn’t figured out the benefits of social media marketing, you could be missing out on your opportunity to engage your current customers more actively, and to reach new customers altogether.

Social media marketing may have seemed like a trend when it first started, but not anymore. It is a well-established best practice for businesses large and small. Your social media and marketing strategies should go hand-in-hand.

If you haven’t evaluated your digital marketing strategy in a while, now is the time. You want to connect with your customers where they are. That means reaching them online, across social media platforms.

Below, we’re sharing more information on why your social media presence is such an important aspect of digital marketing. Read on to learn more.

1. Social Media Drives Traffic

All digital marketing efforts have an end goal of driving potential customers back to your website, so that they will purchase something or contact you for more information. Social media marketing is the most direct way to drive traffic back to your website, because you are reaching people where they are.

Rather than waiting for someone to search for keywords or a key phrase that will put you at the top of the search results, you are delivering your content directly to them. All they have to do is check the social media platforms that they are already spending time on, and your digital marketing content will be right there.

2. You Can Learn About Your Customers

The average person shares a lot of information on their social media channels, just by the nature of their regular posts. Understanding who your target customer is and what information is important to them will help you create digital content that appeals to them, and gets them to take that next step toward conversion.

Keeping up with every platform can be difficult, but it’s important to have a presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Prioritizing social media management as part of your social media marketing strategy will help you stay tuned in to the things that matter most to your clients and customers.

3. Build Brand Loyalty

When you’re considering your social media branding, it’s important to remember that social media is all about connection. You want your customers to get an authentic sense of who you are as a company. Customer service is a big part of that.

One of the benefits of social media is that you can reach out to customers directly to respond to their comments and questions. You can offer promotions and giveaways on social media too. That will accomplish goals for both your social media and marketing strategies.

The more you interact with customers on social media, the more they’ll understand your brand, and the more loyal they’ll become.

Ready to Build Your Social Media Presence?

If you want your company to have a successful digital marketing strategy, you need to start by building up a strong social media presence. You’ll be able to reach your customers in a more authentic way, and you’ll see how social media interactions can convert to sales.

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