Convert Them All: 7 Expert Tips for Designing a Super-Effective Sales Landing Page

Gaining traffic but not seeing sales? A big problem might lie in your landing page.

A good conversion rate is different across all industries, but in general, the average is about 2.35%. The top 25% of businesses have a conversion rate of about 5.31% and higher, while those in the top 10% have 11.45% and higher.

The goal should be to break into that 10%; even if you’re in the average, that doesn’t mean you’re doing good. If you’re having trouble with your conversion rates, check your sales landing page; it may be doing a poor job of converting potential customers and leads.

Read on to find out some ways to design an effective landing page that will improve your conversion rate.

1. Use an Enticing Headline

The headline is the first thing that the visitor will see on your landing page. In most cases, it’s the determining factor whether the visitor would like to read more or exit your website. As such, it should accomplish 2 things: capture their attention and make them understand what it’s about.

You’ll need to accomplish these 2 things with a short headline with a maximum of 20 words. Don’t worry, you’ll get to explain further if you include a subheading. Use it to explain what you do with a persuasive tone, making visitors believe in your product or service.

Take Apple’s landing page for AirPods, an example of a successful landing page.

Its headline, “More magical than ever,” doesn’t explain what the product is. Still, it does encourage visitors to read more. The text below then explains what makes it more magical.

2. Everything Should be Clear

What you need to remember, though, is that everything should be clear – what you’re offering, the benefits of your products/services, and whatnots. Every element, including your CTA buttons, should be clear to your visitors. If you want them to fill up a form, for example, visitors should know that at a single glance.

This might mean you’ll have to make some of your buttons bigger or make them colorful. Following this advice, remove any distractions that don’t add value to your offer. If you want them to buy, add a visible buy button and minimize other buttons that lead somewhere else.

3. Use Visuals to Engage Customers

Another way to convey a clear image is to use imagery of your products. In the Apple example above, the company used big, high-quality images of the AirPods in different angles. Even if the headline didn’t mention the product, the visual helped create the whole message.

Furthermore, humans are visual creatures. Our brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text.

It will affect visitors the moment they see your landing page, so make sure it paints a good image of the product. Along with the headline, it has a huge chance to shape the visitor’s first impression of your whole brand.

If you’re not selling a product, you can still use imagery related to your service. If you trim lawns, for example, a nice and clean lawn can convey the right messages to your visitors.

4. Highlight the Benefits of Your Product/Service

Yes, your product is the best and it’s good at what it does, but what are the specific features that make it so? Does it use a technology that allows it to outshine its competitors? Does it have a feature you can’t find anywhere else?

Give the visitors a good reason to take action – whether that’s to buy something, subscribe, or sign-up. You need to connect with the consumers if you expect them to purchase, subscribe, or share.

If you’re giving a free eBook for every signup, make that clear to your visitors. If you’re inviting them to a free event, make sure they know that it’s free.

If you focus on the specific benefits of buying or using a service, you’re more likely to convert the visitor.

5. Display Relevant Information

Landing pages that convert are successful in getting the customer’s trust. One way you can do this is to be transparent – not only about your products but your business as well.

Display your contact number, address, social media accounts and other channels where they can contact you. You may even include a chat window right in the page, where they can talk to an agent real-time. This provides customers with a sense of assurance that you’re a real business and not a scam website.

Moreover, prices and all other fees need to be transparent from the get-go. Don’t wait until the customer is checking out to mention these fees. When the price at the end is different from your landing page, they may feel cheated and not complete the transaction even if the total is still within their budget.

With that said, you may have to be clear about the shipping costs, as well, if applicable. If you use UPS, for example, add the usual UPS shipping cost and rates so there’s no surprise once they’re ready to pay.

6. Make Sure Your Sales Landing Page Matches Your Ad

The landing pages that sell are those that are honest – they match whatever you’re offering with your ad. In line with the theme above, you have to appear trustworthy to your customers. If the price is higher on your landing page than on the ad, you’ll lose their trust in an instant.

The landing page should also give what the customers came for right away. If you promised something in the ad, make it the first thing they see when they get to the page; don’t make them hunt for it.

7. Use Action Words

From your headline to your call-to-action button, always use action words when you can. Instead of saying something like, “tired of lower back pain?” encourage them to take action by saying, “put an end to back pain now.” For CTA buttons, use “Sign Up Now” or “Buy Now” instead of something vague like, “What’s Next?”

Design a Sales Landing Page That Works

Putting together a cohesive and effective sales landing page will seem like a lot of work, but the benefits are worth it. If you need a little help, don’t hesitate to contact us and watch your conversion rates jump up.

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