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A Quick and Easy Guide On How To Get Paid to Blog

Now that you’ve got a steady flow of traffic going to your blog, you’re probably becoming the authority among friends and your circle of the web. Like anyone who builds expertise over time, you should be paid for what you offer.

There are a variety of ways to make money by blogging but the hurdles can be too high for many writers to get that first paycheck.

Most sites fail to adhere to the standards for building a paid audience online. These three tactics will help you avoid the pitfalls that keep most bloggers from getting paid.

Build Your Community

You’re reliant on your audience to motivate you to blog. Likewise, your audience is reliant on you as a trusted authority. Use that relationship to build a community.

Blogs don’t need heavy traffic to make money. Plenty of blogs you’ve never heard of are turning a nice profit for their owners. That’s because they focus on the quality of visitors, not the quantity.

Focus on the niche of information or product that your blog fulfills and build from there. A strong foundation will be built from dedicated followers attracted to the depth of your knowledge, not generic content that’s meant for anyone who stumbles on your site.

Stay on top of the design trends of peer sites to ensure that your site always stands out to attract readership.

Make sure that every post has links at the top and bottom to be shared on social media. Also, make sure that your site has social media icons located on every page.

Building your community could entail hiring other writers. Find guest writers who write for sites with dedicated audiences and have them guest blog for you. This crossover connection will multiply your visitors and help you build your following.

If you start running a team able to pay other bloggers, a pay stub generator might come in handy.

Find a Product To Offer

Do you write about a given craft from the perspective of someone who knows that craft? Whether jewelry, canned goods, clothing, or crafts, you should get your work on your site as soon as possible.

This builds the authority of your voice and can start generating money immediately.

If you are knowledgeable about a given subject and focus your blogging on that, think about ways to offer books, e-books, or run seminars.

Building your audience locally could allow you to start having a relationship with your visitors on a personal level. This will only increase their trust in your voice and their willingness to pay you for your services.

Start Thinking About Ads

After you show you have something to offer, start thinking about ads. Don’t look to monetize immediately because, in the nature of ads, the clicks that are given to an ad take attention away from your site.

If you want to get paid to blog, you shouldn’t be sending people off to a competitor’s site.

Find ads that work to focus on your niche, so that you’re building a community through them.

Get Paid To Blog By Staying Smart

Unless you’re seeing an insane spike in traffic, AdSense and ads, in general, won’t be your main source of income.

There are many myths around blog marketing, like that you should aim to see revenue on day one. Blogging doesn’t market like traditional products.

The only secrets are to stay diligent, build connections, and keep blogging.


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