How Photo Editing Apps Benefit Small Businesses

As a graphic designer, I was not excited about Photoshop Express or any other mobile photo editor at first. I thought it was just a way to captivate the non-designer crowd into popular photo manipulation techniques -read Instagram. After checking them out for a while, I realized that they aren’t all bad. We live in a world where instant gratification comes from ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ on social media. So, why shouldn’t we all make the most of the available tools to optimize our images on-the-go?

Photo editing apps are great tools for those who want to print a set of photos taken from their mobile devices. They let you make color and brightness corrections from a user friendly interface. Let’s say you are a small business owner who wants to implement a last minute promotion.You don’t have the time or budget to hire a professional photographer, but you have a smartphone and a photo editing app. You can edit the image to make it look its best and order some postcards from an online printer. It’s also perfectly acceptable if you have a design studio and are in a bind, and need something quick but effective for a young demographic. We did just that with our go-to printer and actually had a pretty fun and successful campaign.

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Everyday Photo Updates

One of the reasons a social media app like Instagram has worked so well is the different filters it provides. Users are able to give a different feeling to the image by clicking on a range of options. Sure, a graphic designer and marketing professional should be in charge of your brand image -you’ll benefit greatly from that. But you can take care of every-day business on a budget, improving the lighting and color effects during events, special promotions, new merchandise arrivals, or visits from top customers.

Social media is crucial for both B2B and B2C purposes, as according to this Hubspot report, 83% of marketers consider it a pillar for all their commercial activity, Facebook being a top player for 42% of those marketers. I mention this because as a business owner, it is your goal to make your brand stand out from the rest with great visual content.

A One Person Business

When we start a new business we are forced to be multi-taskers, at least while we grow enough to hire staff members and external help. We rely a lot on professional providers like the custom printer I mentioned above, but we still need to take control over the content we send out. Photo editing apps can be used creatively to crop, enlarge, refocus and retouch your images. We can simply add borders or make a collage to design a quick catalog for a new client.

Keep in mind that mobile photo editing apps are not necessarily the best for complex graphic projects. They are designed to help you out with quick editing and very simple photo manipulation tasks. That being said, they can be extremely helpful when used creatively and in sync with your business nature.

As much as these apps can help you create something really quick and improve photo quality, I do recommend you hire a designer for an overall assessment of your brand image. Once you have a clearer definition of your corporate colors and feeling, it will be easier to handle small photo manipulation tasks on your own.

What about you? What is your favorite image editing app? Leave a comment below and get the conversation going.

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