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10 Amazing Sites for Truly Free Images

Over the years as a designer, I’ve managed to build personal relationships with several outstanding photographers to collaborate and use their amazing free images in my projects. Be it on my demo sites, as background design, as part of graphics, or just because I was truly inspired.

Due to one legal drama which I encountered over copyright infringement back in ’08, contacting photographers directly was the only way I could get the unique images I wanted without paying hefty stock prices.

Fortunately, with the wide usage of smartphone cameras and photo apps today (plus our inner need to share, share, share!), finding amazing and exceptional images aren’t that tough anymore. So here are 10 of my favorite sites to source for beautiful, top quality, and unique photography from. Most of these sites will also send you amazing sets regularly – do yourself a favor and sign up – you won’t be disappointed!

Superfamous Studios


Superfamous is a Los Angeles-based studio of Dutch interaction designer Folkert Gorter. This place has a large collections of literary and visual content and is the perfect source for any designer. See more



Created by Vilem Ries, Filip Skokan & Lukas Prvy, Albumnarium is a good source for topical images. From squirrels to oreos, find some amazing photos here



This has been my go to resource for the past couple of months. With 10 new photos delivered right to my inbox every 10 days, it’s hard to say no to some amazing visuals.



Splitshire is the creation of Italian designer and photographer Daniel Nanescu, who generously gives away his delicious free stock photos for your personal and commercial use. Check out some amazing images.

Pickup Image


I’ve found some amazing free stuff on this site especially nature and landscape images. All are free to download for personal and commercial purposes, without asking for permission.

Gratis Photography


Some of my best work came from using photographs from this amazing site by Ryan McGuire of Bells design. Awesome pictures are added weekly and are all free of restrictions. Big ups! 

Skitter Photo


Taken by 3 individuals around the Groningen area in the Netherlands, all images on Skitter are uploaded content in the public domain that’s free for download. I’ve found some amazing photos for many clients on this site.

Death to the Stock Photo


Captured by self taught photographers David and Allison, this is possibly my favorite photo site. Get free stuff sent to your inbox for commercial use, blog posts, social accounts and mockups. To death!

New Old Stock


new old stock

If you want vintage, check this out. Stocked with vintage photos from public archives, the images posted here a free from any known copyright restrictions. See here.

Little Visuals

little visuals

Similar to Unsplash, LV aims to deliver 7 hi-res images zipped up in your inbox every 7 days. You can use them anyway you want. And I definitely do.

Piece of mind
All the images from these sites are free to use however which way you want. But just to avoid any legalities in the future and have piece of mind, make sure you check the fine prints. It won’t take you more than a minute. Enjoy!

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