Miniature Art on Toilet Paper Rolls by Anastasia Elias

I love toilet paper rolls. Yes, toilet paper rolls are definitely under appreciated. Each toilet paper roll is the same – they are cylindrical in shape, short and made of thin cardboard. I find them inspirational in a crafty sort of way. Obviously, I’m not the only person who is enthralled with the toilet paper roll.

Anastasia Elias is a French painter and collage artist who uses toilet paper rolls to create a wonderful scene in each one of them. The inside of each toilet paper roll becomes a tiny stage and the art tells a different story.

Inside the toilet paper roll, Anastasia Elias uses shapes made of paper like the toilet paper roll and places them with tweezers inside the hollow opening. Anastasia Elias uses the entire length of the roll to give a three dimensional effect to the scene she creates. The shapes are not that complicated, but when the toilet paper roll is viewed in the right lighting, they take on a totally different appearance. Since the toilet paper rolls only take an hour to create, think how many Anastasia could create in a week!

Miniature Art on Toilet Paper Rolls by Anastasia Elias

Miniature Art on Toilet Paper Rolls by Anastasia Elias

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