The Importance of Social Media Marketing

The popularity of social media is growing, and as a result, more and more businesses are taking advantage of the boundless platform and endless pool of potential clients that social media marketing brings with it. You may be asking yourself why social media marketing is so important. Good. It’s a question you need to be willing to ask if you want your business to grow and thrive. Think of it like this: Every post on social media is a big opportunity for customers to convert. Every opportunity you get to increase your visibility online is valuable, right? So now let’s answer your question: “What is so important about social media marketing?”

Real Relationship Building

One of the coolest things about social media marketing is the opportunity you get to be able to reach out and really get to know your client base. What do they like? Are they sharing, liking and commenting on certain posts? What do they do when the weekend rolls around? As you interact with your clients, you’ll learn about new ways to do things that can help build trust in your brand as well as drive new traffic to your site. The best part? All it takes is a couple of likes, shares or retweets.

The Boundless SEO Benefits

Using social media for your business grants nearly limitless success to your site’s SEO efforts.

Consider social media your broadcast channel. The more compelling your content, the more likely that you will experience clicks and conversions. Search Engine Optimization doesn’t end with the search engine. It’s important to remember that Google does still count searches made within social media and links shared. They’re not as powerful as a link won on a good site, but they are still accounted for and mean something.

The Missing Link

Consider social media as the missing link of your connection to the hearts and minds of your customers. Remember: your competition is probably already on social media. Don’t you want to be the business owner willing to reach out and really get to know your customers? The downside to this, of course, is that customers do tend to rant and complain on social media, so you will need to make sure someone is there to listen and deal with complaints as they come.

Increasing Your Brand Awareness

Social Media is a great way to increase your brand awareness. Some small businesses have wonderful products that certain crowds would enjoy putting to good use. The issue? They may not be aware you even exist! Through the channel of social media, you can spread the word and let it be carried across the world. It’s the best kind of advertising because you can put the name of your business in front of a large crowd all gathered into one spot.

It’s Cost Effective, too!

Not only does the social media platform give you access to a very large crowd of potential customers, it’s one of the most cost effective ways to advertise! You can easily schedule posts, point people to your site, share information and grow a client base with a few clicks and some quality content. Become a leader in your field by sharing useful information and teaching people about what you do and why you do it, all the time not spending a dime on advertising and yet pulling in new business with every like, comment and share.


Social media marketing has many advantages. So many in fact, we can’t write them all down. If your business isn’t already taking advantage of the free platform, we highly recommend you do so. With a little work and the right social media strategy, you can build a network and start enjoying the wonderful benefits of marketing through social media. Remember, the sooner you get started, the sooner you can start really growing your business. This is especially true if your competition is dominating the social media platform. Don’t be shortchanged. Taking advantage of the wonderful world of social media marketing and using the right strategy will bring boundless benefits and increased awareness of your brand. If you don’t have the time, hire someone to take care of it for you. However you decide to tackle the issue, don’t miss out because we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the results.


Written by Jessica Lambert

Jessica Lambert is a freelancer who enjoys writing on a variety of different subjects, including but not limited to lifestyle, finance,
vintage cars, artwork, history, baking, and travel. She currently resides in rural Alabama in a lakehouse and spends any free moment with her nose in a book.

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