How to Choose The Hosting Company That Suits You Best

Managing a website is no easy task, especially in these modern times when you have to concern yourself about every little detail that might give you an edge over the competition. If you are running a script like WordPress, you have to stay up-to-dated with the latest versions of the software, security updates, updating plugins, content delivery networks and, of course, your web hosting.

Choosing the right hosting company can be quite hard especially with the  large variety of hosting solutions available. If your website is small and attracts a small number of visitors, shared hosting is enough. If your website begins to grow, you can choose a virtual private server, or VPS. A VPS is a virtual machine, running its own operating system and on which you can install basically any software you see fit. It’s a great solution for medium websites.

If your website grows even larger, you can choose a dedicated server. This means you will have your own physical server somewhere in the world, dedicated to running only for your hosting needs. We, here at Crazyleaf Design have been through all these steps and I have to tell you that choosing the right hosting company and solution is quite difficult. When we made these decisions we didn’t have websites like WebHosting Secret Revealed available.

WebHosting Secret Revealed

This website can mae your life a lot easier if you are looking for the right hosting solution for your website. Established in May 2008, WHSR is a blog/site specially designed for those who are looking for reliable hosting reviews and practical web development guides.

WHSR offers some great guides and comprehensive tutorials, even if you are a beginner. They actually provide an extensive Beginner’s Guide comprising of three sections : The Basics, How to Choose a Host and Finding Cheap Hosting. The Basics includes a detailed tutorial on what it means to host a website, like what is shared hosting, VPS or dedicated hosting, knowledge regarding domanis and subdomains, bandwidth, transfer and much more.

The second section 15 points you should consider before choosing your web hosting. These tips include things like serve uptime records, renewal prices, refund policy, [email protected], commitment period and more. Each of these points includes valuable tips and tricks you should consider before choosing a hosting company.

Another very useful section of the website is the Discounts section. Here you will find discounts and coupon codes for a large array of web hosting companies. Using this page can help you save money from your first hosting billing or even more.

And, of course the largest section and the main goal of the website is the Web Hosting Companies Review section. This area includes detailed reviews of most of the web hosting companies available.

WebHosting Comparison

The main page of this section features a table with the hosting companies organised using several criteria. For each hosting company there’s a very detailed review page. For example the review page of InMotion includes the personal experience of the reviewer for this hosting company, pros, problems and cons, pricing information, customer care policy, ecommerce and email features and much, much more. In fact I can honestly say that the WHSR reviews are some of the best and most detailed I have seen and you should use their website if you are looking for a new web hosting company.

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