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A Beginner’s Guide to SEO Rankings Analytics

Do you know how well your SEO platform is working?


You may have done a lot of work to establish your site, but are you seeing the results that you expected to at this point? Things take time, and maybe you’re getting ahead of yourself, but maybe there’s a fault in your platform that needs reworking.


The key to getting a good measure on your outcomes is using rankings analytics. These analytics are tools to help you keep a thumb on your SEO work and pinpoint problems, wherever they may be.

Using Rankings Analytics

While search engine optimization is a pretty well-understood process, we don’t have a perfect guidebook to the inner-workings of Google’s search algorithm. We know that there are certain factors that are essential, but we don’t understand the specifics of how the gears are turning.

That being said, there are actions that we can take which have given us consistent results in search engine results. While the science of search engine optimization isn’t definite, we’re learning the ropes pretty well.


That being said, we can’t give perfect results every time, and sometimes things don’t move forward as fast as we would like them to. With so many methods being employed in single SEO platforms, it’s sometimes hard to know which aspect of optimization is not working.

That’s why you need to keep an eye on your analytics and tweak your platform as needed. But what are these analytics and how can I use them?

Keep up on Keyword Rankings

Your keywords are vital to your success. You may have done extensive research on your page’s keywords when you created them, but how are they faring lately? Things change fast.


Identify a keyword ranking check website and use it religiously. Well, you don’t have to treat it like God wrote it, but you should try and check on the quality of your keywords at least once a week. If you want to continue seeing growth, you need to do some of the legwork and tweak the keywords on your page.


Take a look at your keywords if you’ve been seeing a decline in traffic. Again, “mule cow” might have been the top word for your niche in 1857, but it’s probably rolled along to something else by now.

How is the Conversion on Your Ads?

Are you seeing any results from the ad platform that you subscribe to? Who knows how much money you’re putting into a PPC platform or other independent method, but if you aren’t seeing results you need to find a new method.


Maybe it’s the keyword that you’re using in your ad, or maybe the platform just doesn’t have the ability to reach your niche. In any case, you should look at two things when it comes to your advertising platform. First, check and see how much attention your ads are getting.


Is anyone clicking your ads? Do those results match up with your goals or do they fall a little flat? The answers to those questions might mean you have to make a change.


The second thing that you need to look at is the conversion rate. Sure you’re paying more for your PPC platform now, and that means that more people are clicking on your ads, right? Well, yeah, but are those people actually making an impact to you when they click on the ads?


How many of the people who click your ads are making a purchase or completing the actions that you wish them to? This is referred to as your conversion rate. If your conversion rate is low, then you might want to consider touching up the page that your users are being directed to.

Are You Consistently Getting Links?

A lot of people put effort into getting a solid foundation of backlinks on their site, and they see the great result when they start their SEO platform. Soon, however, these people find that their traffic slows down and they wonder why.


This is because you need to continuously get links to your site, and those links need to be functioning, quality links. Search engines use a number of qualities to determine the value of a backlink. These things, to the best of our knowledge, are domain authority, niche, and freshness.


Freshness is the key term in this section because we need to realize that a successful page with backlinks needs to be a living document. You need to keep finding new links in order to generate better SEO results. Check your links and try to find new ones whenever possible.


Also, make sure that all of your outbound links are still to sites that exist. Nobody likes a dinosaur site.

Are You Spamming?

The ultimate taboo in the world of search engines is the spam site. Spam can instantly drop your domain authority, search engine rankings, and pretty much everything else. In fact, you can be unlisted from a search engine’s archive if you’re suspected of spamming your users.


Some forms of spam occur when the website owner doesn’t even know they’re doing them, however. You want to avoid that mistake because it’s pretty hard to get out of that hole once you’re in it.


You have the ability to use a website that can track your “spam score.” This scale is a general assessment of how trustworthy your site is. Scores can be lowered if you have a lot of backlinks from sites that have very low domain authority.


You can also risk hurting your score if you have outbound links to low-ranking sites.

Look around for a spam analysis that works well for you, although most of them are relatively the same and shouldn’t be too difficult to use.

Get a Little Boost

We can’t all be SEO experts and web designers. Sometimes it can be helpful to get help from someone who knows the ropes of the search engine-world and rankings analytics.


If you’re interested in getting any help in the field of search engine optimization, we have all the information that you need.

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