Five Creative Ways to Promote Your App for Free

So, you have created an app. But what about the next step? The creation of a brand-new app is far from the end of your toils. Rather it’s the beginning of a whole new bunch of work for you. Without promotion it’s practically impossible to reach out to people and take your app to the next level. It’s important to adopt certain marketing strategies to promote your app so that more people are keen to give it a try. But as a startup, it is often quite difficult to be able to afford promotion which can be expensive. Here are some free ways you can promote your pass.

Social media is the genie

The impact of social media is clearly huge when it comes to promotional activities. The most important thing about this medium is that it transcends the boundaries of geography, social circles, economic class, educational backgrounds and even language barriers, to some extent. This helps you get your app out to a huge crowd without even taking too much trouble. A good social media presence is immensely good for your search engine rankings which is one of the most important factors today.

A video for a virtual experience

Video marketing is gaining rapid popularity over the years, with better quality cameras and cheaper internet charges. A video offers an audio-visual experience like nothing else can. It can make one virtually experience the full force of the power that your intent to give out to the users which is why it hits harder. The best way to reach out to people is by making a promotional video for your app. It could be a demo on how to use your app or a couple of funny skits related to your app but not in a direct in your face manner.

Nothing sells like a sale

Sales, discounts, giveaways and free are some of the most attractive offers that no one can refuse, and this is where you can sell your point if you do it well. Give your existing users and clients some sort of incentives if they refer your app to someone else who makes use of it, as well as some to the newly registered users in order to encourage them. From time to time offer people some sort of incentives to use the app. You can also host contests where your giveaway prizes and sales which will immediately draw more and more people.

Get influencers to influence

Influencer marketing is hugely successful these days. It is true that some influencers are quite expensive, but you can reach out to the ones with decent reach in return of perks, instead of cash, Give them a chance to use your app for free, unlock some premium features and even help them with additional tech support or any kind of material gift that you can offer in exchange for promoting your app via their channel.

Blogging is the key to reaching

Blogging is an important part of promoting your app in this age. Not only can a good blog pique interest, thereby increasing clientele, it also helps improve your ranking on search engines. Take it from the giants such as the New York University ????. They maintain their blogs regularly to help promote the quality of students who apply to the university. With the help of blog posts the university aims to get more applicants and it is incredibly useful.

Make wise use of these ideas and you will be surprised with the turnovers!

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