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Here’s What Happens When You Reset Your iPhone

Lucky for you, we live in a time where all of your daily tools (such as email, text, calendar, etc.) are available to you in one device: your smartphone.

Smartphones come in many different brands, but the brand that people are most loyal to is the ever-trustworthy Apple iPhone.

The iPhone changed the game back in the day and still continues to revolutionize the way we use our phones. Heck, most of your problems with it can be solved by simply restarting it.

But what happens when you reset your iPhone? Read on for an in-depth description of what you risk losing and how to prevent that from happening.

1. Back-Up All Your Data

All of the features and data that you risk losing (listed below) can easily be avoided by syncing the iPhone with your computer.

There you can back-up all the essential data that you’d like to keep. This will give you peace of mind before you shut it down, knowing that everything you need is safely stored.

You can still do this step even when the phone isn’t responding. Simply plug it into the computer and your iCloud account will be able to do the navigating for you.

If you’re worried about the amount of iCloud storage that you have left, then you can limit what information is backed-up. Delete everything you deem non-essential and make room for the big stuff.

Once you feel comfortable that everything has been backed-up, you can proceed with resetting your phone. Check out for an in-depth description of the many ways to reset your iPhone.

2. What You Will Lose

Simply restarting or resetting your iPhone can be the opportunity for you to start anew with how you store things on your smartphone.

However, you might be surprised at how much is deleted as soon as you reset it.

See below for the many things you’ll lose (if you don’t back them up) when resetting an iPhone.

Jailbreak Software

Many people out there enjoy having jailbreak software installed on their iPhone because it gives them more variety. There are more apps out there than what’s available in the App Store, and the jailbreak software gives you access to them.

However, when you reset your iPhone, all of that jailbreak software that you’ve installed goes out the window.

You will literally turn your iPhone back on to see that the software no longer exists on your phone.

That means that you’ll have to jailbreak the phone once more and then install the software again after you’ve done so.

All Personal Information/Data

Simply put: nothing is safe when you reset your iPhone. You’re asking it to do a total purge in order to either eliminate a fault or start over fresh.

When you request that of your iPhone, it takes that to heart by clearing out every bit of personal data that it can find.

You might be thinking why would Apple make it that way?

Believe it or not, deleting your personal data is the reason. They feel that the main reason people reset their iPhone is before they sell it. Obviously, if you were to do that, you’d want all your information deleted from its storage.

So… what does that include? This means all your calendar appointments, meetings, notes, contacts, bookmarks, email, shared photos, call history, etc.

3. What You Will Keep

Now that you know the main things you risk losing, it’s time to shift to what you can bank on keeping when your phone resets.

Here are the things that you can count on for returning for use right away after you reset your iPhone.

Factory Software

As previously mentioned, the main intent Apple believes you to have for resetting your iPhone is to then sell it.

Because of that, the iPhone won’t erase the factory iOS software that it comes with.

This is important because without the proper iOS software installed, the phone wouldn’t be able to carry out all the functions you need it to. It wouldn’t even be able to turn itself back on.

So, while your jailbreak software will be deleted, it will resort back to the latest iOS version you’d had installed before making the switch.

Factory-Installed Applications

Many people view resetting your iPhone as a way to get back to where it all started when you purchased it. The memory was clean and you only had a few apps that came with it.

Those factory-installed apps will be there when you turn the iPhone back on from resetting it.

These include such apps as the phone, safari, camera, notes, calculator, email, weather, etc. While they’ll still be there, all the prior info you had on them will be completely erased. So be sure to back them up.

4. Know Your Options

You should know that there are several different options that you have when resetting your iPhone.

For example, sometimes a simple reset won’t be an option, you’ll have to use a force restart if the phone starts to glitch or freeze.

Know what those options are so that you can make the best decision for your specific iPhone.

What Happens When You Reset Your iPhone? Plan Accordingly

Now that you have a better glimpse into what happens when you reset your iPhone, be sure to back-up all essential data beforehand.

Know you won’t have an unwanted surprise waiting for you when you turn the phone back on and see that all your favorite apps are caput.

Be sure to read our other articles that pertain to both this topic and other topics that are just like it.

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