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Fonts are a necessity of a designer’s every day life. Without typefaces you really can’t undertake your activity as a designer. That means that having a large collection of fonts is a must for every one of us.


While some projects require the purchase of commercial fonts, most of us will be working with free fonts the majority of the time. While building a collection of prevalent fonts to use, it is important to have some online resources for updating it periodically.

Among the few websites offering free fonts for download, I would like to recommend, FFonts.

FFonts is an online library offering thousands of free fonts for download at the click of a button. The available fonts are compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux and MacOS. Their library includes several thousands fonts with more being added every day.

Browsing through several thousands fonts can be rather difficult. This is not the case here as the collection is very organized in over 75 categories, making it easier to find what you are looking for. The website also has a search function and provides several search tips to help you find exactly what font are you looking for.

Each font has a detailed page including the preview of the font you selected, including uppercase and lowercase, information about the font, as well as related free and commercial fonts. You can also rate the fonts and comment / view other comments regarding the font in question.

FFonts Details

FFonts’ browsing options are extended by the possibility of showing only the fonts uploaded in the last 30 days or the top 10 fonts.

The website has a submit section where you can submit your own fonts for consideration and inclusion on the website.

Ffonts is available in 12 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Arabic.

There is also a premium account upgrade available, allowing you to download 200 fonts per day, instead of the 50 files of the standard account, and also you can download 200 webfonts per day ( none available for the standard account ). The premium account also allows you to browse the website, ad free.

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