Featured Photographer #4 – Toni Barth

This article is part of our “Featured Photographer” series. Each week we will bring you closer to a top photographer. This week we have the pleasure of presenting you Toni Barth.

Featured Photographer - Toni Barth

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Tell our readers a little bit about yourself

I’m Toni, 23 years old, assistant in the health care management, an ordinary man, living in Rostock/ Germany (a beautiful town near the Baltic Sea), who loves making photos of every kind. You can see my photos here:

During my free time I work out, hang out with friends, watch movies, edit photos. I love to travel, this year I’ve been in Norway and Switzerland. Both beautiful countries with great landscape.

How did you get into photography ?

It was three years ago: My best friend had bought the Canon EOS 450D. I was fascinated at first glance. I told my parents and they made me a present of the camera at Christmas. Since then I’m  making photos and try to improve my skills.

What’s your favorite type of photography ?

Nature photography.

What cameras / lens are you using ?

Canon EOS 450 and the kit-lens5.

Who would you like to see in the “Featured Photographer” section ?

He definitely deserves to get featured, really love his photos:

3 websites you couldn’t live without ?

Deviantart, Grooveshark, Facebook.

Where can our readers find you online ?


Featured Photographer - Toni Barth - Winter

Featured Photographer - Toni Barth - Elevator

Featured Photographer - Toni Barth - Leuchtturm

Featured Photographer - Toni Barth - Uaah

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