Featured Photographer #2 – Radu Carnaru

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Choosing the path of fashion and glamour photography and gaining ground in a remarkable way, Radu Carnaru (age 21, Romanian) continues to capture pure beauty in all shapes and also impress through originality and the unique message and feeling that each photograph delivers. Bellow are some sample shots from his portfolio that can also be viewed here.

Radu Carnaru Photography - Oana

Radu Carnaru Photography - Photo 1

Radu Carnaru Photography - Photo 2

Radu Carnaru Photography - Photo 3

Radu Carnaru Photography - Photo 4

Radu Carnaru Photography - Photo 5

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  1. This is an excellent photography portfolio. It’s hard to believe that a 21 year old has built such an impressive portfolio. I guess I’m in the same boat, a young one trying to build a design portfolio.

  2. God they are amazing. I am currently creating free photo gallery element and I just wonder if you could provide me 7-10 photos for demo purposes only with a back link to your site. what would you say? Terrific photos I’m impressed!

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