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EasyTemplates is an Australian based company with over 10 years of experience in the design field and was actually the first company selling Flash templates to businesses, web designers, photographers and others.

Easy Templates - Example Template 1


EasyTemplates provides a huge range of website templates, but their focus is on easy-to-edit web templates, especially Flash based. Besides Flash Templates they offer HTML / CSS Web Templates, E-Commerce / Shop Templates, Music Templates, Flash Intros, Joomla CMS Templates, Photography Templates, Powerpoint templates and more.

EasyTemplates, as mentioned above focuses on easy-to-edit Flash templates. These Flash templates are web templates with the actual content located externally. That means that you don’t need any other tools besides Notepad or any other text editor to easily customize the text, buttons, email forms, images and background music. The big advantage is that with this kind of templates you don’t need any Flash software or knowledge fo any motion graphics program to modify the looks and content of your website.

The main advantages EasyTemplates offers are :

  • Make changes easily without using Adobe Flash.
  • Easy for everyone, even for non-web designers.
  • Insert your own text and upload your photos.
  • Get your website up and running in about 4 hours.
  • Templates include fully functional contact form.
  • Templates come with all source files, FLA and PSD files.

EasyTemplates - Example Template 2

Another great component EasyTemplates offers is the Photo and / or Video Flash Templates with admin interface. Photo Gallery Website Templates with Admin tool are ideal for artists, photographers, web designers, manufacturers and anyone wanting a professional Flash photo gallery website. Simply edit your textual content in the external file using Notepad or any HTML editor, and change your photos with our easy Photo Admin tool. It’s that easy.

All the templates EasyTemplates are compatible with PC, Mac and Linux and come with all the source files included (Flash fla files, Adobe Photoshop PSD files, music files) so if you want a more in-depth modification of your template that is fully possible. For the editing of the Flash files you will require at least Flash MX 7.

All the templates are organized in over 50 categories so you can easily find exactly what you are interested in.


Focusing on easy-to-use Flash Templates, EasyTemplates is a must visit for those who want to easily create a website but don’t have the necesarry skills to create and modify Flash websites. If you are interested at all in web templates you should check out EasyTemplates as they are offering a lot more than easy-to-use templates.

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