Featured Designer #13 – Davide Bianca of Saizen Media Studios

This article is part of our “Featured Designer” series. Each week we will bring you closer to a top designer. This week we have the pleasure of presenting you Davide Bianca from one of our favorite design companies, Saizen Media Studios.

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We are … and We do …

My name is Davide Bianca, I am the CEO, co-founder and Exec. Art Director of Saizen Media Studios.

Saizen Media is an internationally acclaimed, award winning Digital Ad Agency focused on high-end cinematic interactive products. Determined  to continuously  push its own  standards and capabilities, Saizen Media attempts to redefine the entire approach to interactive experience, converting  each  product  into a mixture of cutting edge technology and digital entertainment. Our team  of  talented  creatives, programmers, engineers, illustrators, animators, motion graphic artists  and  sound designers is committed  to  deliver  state  of  the  art  products  and creative solutions that will satisfy our clients’ needs regardless of the style, medium or format.  Interactive experience websites, mobile applications, illustrations, concept art, TV Ads, advert-games, 2D / 3D animation…  YOU WANT IT? WE GOT IT!

You can view a full list of featured projects services and clients directly on our website at Saizen Media Studios.

We got into designing …

Back in 2007 me and my business partner Constantine Yarosh, who currently directs the Moscow division of Saizen Media, were amazed at how bland and repetitive most of the internet websites and advertising campaigns were, and at the high volume of non-effective and aesthetically poor works; being highly influenced by the movie, comic book, and video game realm, we embarked into a journey to start our own business together, focusing on transforming the interactive experience into entertainment, while still delivering  information in an effective fashion, but spicing things up with a visually stimulating environment and a high focus on story-telling. Most people think that this applies only to a specific set of products, but we believe that anything can be turned into a
movie if done properly, and therefore engaging the viewers into what is supposed to be “interactive” and not just window shopping. Of course the formats, style, approach and concepts vary from client to client, and from project to project, but that is what agencies are for.

From there on it was all about show and proof, and we have had the privilege, in less than three years, to work with clients of the likes of Disney, Square Enix, Toshiba, FOX, Renault, Campari, Sony and Warner Bros. just to name a few, and very excited about what will come next, now that we are finally approaching the true era of total integration; it no longer makes sense to talk about on-line, off-line, integrated, traditional… there is just one “medium”, and that’s PEOPLE, and the different ways in which they communicate.

We get our inspiration from …

Movies, books, games, life in general, and what has not yet been invented. We are all day-dreamers with peter pan syndrome 🙂 .

In the beginning We promoted ourselves … . Now We are marketing ourselves …

We never really marketed ourselves, it was more like the brand sold itself. From the get go we had decided to try constantly push the standards and quality of our works, and in order to do that we needed each and every project to be better than its previous one, which of course meant that we needed to be selective with the projects we accepted and what was not a good fit. We launched our
official first website, Nightwish, in early 2008, which was crafted with the sole purpose of showing our standards, approach and style to the public, and which was awarded and reviewed by many magazines and design books… it was something we did not really expect, we were shocked about the amount of traffic we received almost immediately. That allowed us to put ourselves on the radar
of many clients, and the rest was entirely up to us, to live up to the expectations… Oh did I mention we love pressure?

We think the future of design …

The internet and advertising/marketing in general are moving at an amazing speed. With the advent of social media, and the centralization of the power of choice on people, it has become a much more complex and challenging task to create successful case histories and products; Personally I think in the future there will be no internet, but rather internets; each product will need to keep into high account the target audience, the specific use of that content, and how to craft device-specific content able to reach people. Re-adaptation, migration, porting, is no longer possible, as it has proven to be the wrong approach, so clients and agencies need to fully understand how to psychologically relate to and connect with the end user, and take full advantage of each specific devices,format and platform available. With the technology available today, really the sky is the limit.

3 websites I couldn’t live without …

You can find us …

Some of our designs …

Saizen Media Studios - Portfolio Image 1

Saizen Media Studios - Portfolio Image 2

Saizen Media Studios - Portfolio Image 3

Saizen Media Studios - Portfolio Image 4

Saizen Media Studios - Portfolio Image 5

Saizen Media Studios - Portfolio Image 6

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