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How to Design a Great Website for Your Salon or Spa

Creative Design Ideas for Your Website

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Even in the networked culture that we live in today, half of all small businesses and salons still don’t have a website. Those that do tend to use simple template designs that make their sites look cookie-cutter copies of other sites. With a creative design, you can make your site stand out and give people a feel for what your salon has to offer.


Your site needs to have the same kind of personality that your salon has. If you’re a high-end salon with an older clientele, your site should reflect that. If your staff is known for wild color dying techniques and a flashier glam style, your customers should know right away.


Your salon’s website should offer everything your customers need with a simple elegance of a few photos and short text up front. You should also be on top of the most current web design trends. To ensure the creative design of your website is in step with design trends, follow these 5 rules.

1. Try Semi-Flat Design

The latest in web design is to try to have all of the elements on your page appear as if they exist on the same plane. Previous trends elevated one element over another but that has become cumbersome looking on mobile devices. To encourage clarity on your site, transitions between objects should be smooth.


This can help viewers understand cues and directions on how to navigate a website. Small bits of shading allow subtle differentiations. As screen technology has improved for smaller devices and screens, it’s easier for viewers to see these subtle differences between elements.


This allows for a more immersive experience.

Other transitions have included parallax scrolling. This has become a trend for advertisers. As you scroll through an article, an ad that you must scroll past at a faster rate than the text moves will appear.


There are other transitional parallax examples where you don’t move between pages through links but through these parallax elements. As you scroll up, you move through each screen with a smooth and subtle color transition.

2. Animated Elements

Animation can mean a lot of things. It’s shorthand for moving images. Where you might think of animated elements on a website as those ugly “under construction” gifs from the 90s, the internet has matured beyond that.


What’s more common now is to have animated hero images in the header of your site showing off your products. You can show off different services by toggling your 6 best high-quality images, for a few seconds each, with smooth transitions between each.


Showing off animated products increases engagement. Think of subtle ways something in the corner of the screen can be animated and begging for interaction.

3. Design Mobile First

Desktop browsing is dead! Long live mobile browsing!


Well, not exactly, but mobile browsing has finally surpassed desktop browsing by a significant figure.


When you’re designing, make sure your priority is that your site looks good on phones. You should have simple menus and a simple home page that leads users to where they need to go. Have your contact information featured prominently so that visitors can get in touch immediately.


Mobile browsing is different than desktop browsing, so be sure that your site fits in with that narrower, vertical style.


Make it easy to read and understand without having to zoom way in. Big clunky drop-down menus are hard to use. Keep it simple.


Make sure that your site looks good on a variety of devices. Test it on as many different phones and tablets as you can before you launch it.


But don’t forget about desktop users. Your designer should know how to handle media queries to see what kind of display your visitors are using. If you design with a template, they’ll have everything taken care of for you.

4. Include Major Calls To Action

A call to action is an imperative that gets your users interacting with your site. The creative design of your salon’s website should include a simple button that’s big and attractive for users to “book now.” Calls to action can turn your visitors into devoted customers.


Calls to action help attract users to act rather than passively scroll through your website. You’ll get the opportunity to collect some information about them for later promotions. You’ll also get them to what they need before they leave for a competitor’s website.


For customers browsing on their mobile device, your call to action should trigger a dialing of your salon’s phone number. For desktop calls to action, you can do something else like direct them to your contact page with directions, hours and your address.


Keep your contact information on the bottom of every page to make sure visitors are never searching around for it.

5. Add A Customer Portal

A customer portal has a lot of uses for you and your customers. If your customers can book on their own, they’ll feel empowered over getting services. They’re also less likely to cancel than appointments made over the phone.


Your customer portal should give your visitors the ability to log in and see the history of their services with you. If they got a great cut from someone new and can’t remember the name, they should be able to figure out who that was through the data kept on your customers.


Have them enter their birthdays, zip codes and email addresses. This will give you the ability to reach out and get in touch with them whenever you want.


It will also help you to see where you could stand to do some more promotion and where you have market saturation.


Since people like to look good on their birthday, take advantage of their information by sending them a bonus discount in their birthday month.


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Creative Design Can Inspire Customers to Visit

If you’re showing off your ability to stay ahead of design trends, you show customers that you’re interested in good user experience. Good user experience leads to enhanced interaction and better customer engagement.


If you’re ready to put some of these creative design ideas to use, contact us now to put your site ahead of the competition.

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