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9 Design Tips Every Medical Website Should Use

Ask anyone from Apple, The New York Times, or Donna Karan and they’ll tell you that good design equals sales. The same is true in the digital world. Knowing the right design tips to stay ahead of trends will allow your site to stand out.


In every field, there are certain design patterns and principles that let visitors know you’re a serious contender in your industry. For industries focused on children’s services, designs are typically more upbeat including bright colors and lots of interactivity. A high-end restaurant will have moodier tones and be a little more minimalist.


Websites in the medical industry are no exception. Whether you offer wellness services or technical support for medical equipment, there are common design principles to be aware of.

Here are 9 design tips to ensure that your site’s design stands out as exemplary in your industry.

1. Do Your Research

You should have an idea of what’s going on in your industry. Do a couple of searches on your favorite search engines. Use terms you’d expect people to use to find your company without knowing your name in advance.


Take a look at the sites that come up higher than yours. Take note of the things you can tell they’re doing right and make a list of things you could do better. Avoid copying your competitors but you should absolutely be aware of what they’re doing.


See where your own strengths and weaknesses are and be sure that you’ve got ideas that stand out. If you offer something that your competitors don’t, highlight that on your site. Make it a little more central than you may have intended.

2. Tell Your Story

It may not seem like this should fall into the category of “design tips” but part of establishing your brand is to tell a story about who you are and what your practice does.


Everything that your website displays, every email that you send out, every block of text should build on a narrative. If your main focus is holistic wellness, use the keywords that are relevant to your industry whenever you can. A health spa or a rehab facility should have a design that breathes and feels open, not a crowded and overwhelming design.


Every element should support the story that you want to tell.

3. Make Navigation Simple

While you may offer a lot of services, there’s no need to list absolutely everything. Customers who visit your site will be looking for a handful of things. Focus on those things.


Your best bet is to direct people to a contact form or to your phone number. Getting people in contact with you will allow you to sell your services faster than having them tool around your website looking for one specific item. See our list of tips for helping to convert visitors to your services page to clients.


Your most commonly used sections will help users make an appointment, find out about the staff, or see a simple list of services.

4. Find An Experienced Design Company

While you might see some amazing portfolios online, if you hire a design team that has never worked in the health industry, it might be a bad fit. Find a company that has a portfolio that reflects not just flashy sites but sites that are in your industry.


A knowledge of the lingo and what’s happening in your industry will give their design the ability to speak to your clients. HIPAA compliance is important for websites in the medical industry.

Hiring a company who knows nothing about that will just slow your design process down and cost you extra money.

5. Hire Expert Content Writers

While you might be an expert in your field, you might not be the strongest internet content writer.


Marketing specialists can ensure that your content is relevant and has the ability to go viral. Your marketing company, like your web design company, should know about the medical industry. Hiring experienced writers will increase the traffic to your site, as search engines love to see fresh and unique content.

6. Don’t Forget SEO

Speaking of search engines, make sure you’re optimized for web crawlers that index sites for them. By having a site without too many giant photos to load and with original content that’s well organized, you’ll be rewarded with a high ranking.


When you list keywords and tags for images and titles, always use local terms and geographically relevant names. This will help people in your area see your content first.

7. Keep It Simple

One of the design tips that can’t be overstated is to keep your site understated. Less is absolutely more on the internet.


You need to be on top of trends and have a site that looks great on mobile devices. That’s all the more reason to keep things simple. One header image with a little bit of text can go a long way.

8. Have a Call To Action

Every page on your site should display a button that gets people engaged in what you have to offer. It should either allow them to book an appointment or send you their contact information.


Make sure it’s bold but not gaudy and stands out in a central location. See what your visitors want the most from your site and your services. Let them access that through your call to action button.


Think about adding plugins or additional software to allow your customers to book appointments. Click here for more about how additional software can help your calls to action.

9. Get Professional Photographs

While you might think it’s not worth the money, blurry photographs or the lack of quality photos will be a turn off for visitors. And while you might think you could always use stock photography, people can often tell the difference.


Stage a few provider-patient interactions and take a few quality headshots of your staff. These will allow your website to reflect the quality of services that you provide.

Follow Design Tips And See Your Traffic Boom

A well-designed website is well regarded by search engines and visitors alike. Following current design trends will allow you to reach out to new clients while showing your current clients that you’re up to date.


If you’re ready to implement some of these design tips for your medical website, contact us to get started today.

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