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How to Create a Medical SEO Strategy That Works

In order for your medical services to reach people online, you’ll need to create an exceptional medical SEO strategy that is tailored to your unique audience. SEO and good content are especially important to successfully market online.

So how do you go about getting started? We’ve got you covered below with a practical guide to marketing medical services online through search engine optimization (SEO).

  1. Understand your Market

The first step in great medical SEO is to understand where your target audience is online and what keywords they’re using to find your services.

Are there groups on Facebook that you can leverage or is there a popular forum or online publication where you’ll find customers? Figure out what it is your audience is looking for and prove to them that you offer services worth their time.

  1. Do SEO Research

The keywords are the words and phrases your audience uses in their Google searches to find services like yours. There are many resources, including SEO help from Google, that will help you boil down what SEO keywords you should focus on.

Find out exactly what phrase customers are typing into the internet. Companies who offer hydrocolloid dressing benefit from phrases like “hydrocolloid dressing for wounds” or “strong hydrocolloid dressing.”

The trick is to nail down the exact verbiage and phrases, using colloquialisms if needed, to match searches and show up in search results.

  1. Create Useful, Engaging Content

Google bots crawl the web looking for content–words and phrases–that match up to what people are searching for. They rank relevant information based on its sentence quality, keyword usage, originality, etc.

Make sure to create content that doesn’t just include good keywords, but also serves as a good reference or update for customers. That way they will see you as a credible resource just as Google does.

  1. Optimize for SEO

Now that you know you should keep content relevant first and foremost, we can get down to the SEO optimization.

Once you’ve found your keywords, find all the useful places to implement them without over-stuffing. They should be sprinkled throughout the text, appear in headings, the title, and the meta description.

These keywords and phrases will be like little flags for Google to pick up on. Google then will return your services to customers searching for like keywords and phrases.

  1. Update Frequently

Google recognizes that you are a resource, but to become a top resource, you’ll need to keep pushing out stellar content. This is how Google ranks the best of the best: those that continually offer new resources and stay relevant to the times.

Consider creating a blog where you can post regular articles on top of refreshing the website content every now and again.

A Medical SEO Strategy That Works

Put all these tips together to form a solid SEO strategy that has proven to work for thousands of companies hoping to reach online audiences.

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