Certification and Job Role of a Scrum Master

Albeit, certification is often a paid process, you need to assess the training partner, their curriculum, reliability and more. For the advanced and expert levels besides experience and prior knowledge, there are requirements to be met in having your skills updated at recognised training partner’s courses. You will need the PDU’s or SEU’s awarded at the Certified Scrum Master course for skills attained, to enrol for the qualifying examinations conducted by the accreditation agency like and Scrum Alliance.

The two certifications are the Professional Scrum Master Certification-PSM and the Certified Scrum Master-CSM Certification. The certifications are however not a job guarantee. It is an empowering tool that showcases your confidence, practical skills and knowledge of testing. It definitely scores when it comes to keeping you in the race by updating knowledge and upgrading practical skills. Always be prepared for the next step in your career and arm yourself to invite the job opportunities.

An effective Scrum Master is a great facilitator of himself and others in his team because he breathes and lives with Scrum values demand. He is responsible for facilitating a Scrum environment, clearing hindrances and placing clear Scrum frameworks within which the team can perform, learn and achieve their own and team goals.

Some prime characteristics a Scrum Master must possess are that the SM

  • Facilitates at meetings to help the team reach common delivery and timeline goals agreed upon
  • Asks open-ended questions leading to discussion, perspectives, and helpful insights
  • Listens and understands not acting on impulses
  • Creates a performing team rather than strong individuals on the team
  • Enables happening instead of creating happening
  • Effectively uses neutral facilitation

These skills can never be self-taught or learned without effective interactions with teams and practising Scrum values. If you wish to upgrade your skills, then do a Certified Scrum Master training to learn and practice the latest Scrum Master skills and techniques. When you feel you have the adequate skills, take the CSM certifications as the first step.


The 2-day course is specifically designed for certification as a Scrum Master from Scrum Alliance and through its global network of approved REP training organisations.

How Does The Training Help You?

Training is invaluable to you because it aids you in

  • Inculcating Scrum values, tenets, its framework, artefacts, team roles, activities, and the basics of project management using Scrum Agile principles
  • Scaling and transitioning teams to Scrum
  • Effective handling of multi-continent off-shore projects both large and small
  • Continuous learning in the workshop provides the most effective roadmap to your career through accredited training partners
  • Earning the 14-16 PDUs/SEUs required to take the professional exams
  • The CSM certification which trains you well in being a dedicated SM and endorses your practical skills in implementing Scrum

So, What is the offered Salary and job prospects for a Scrum Master?


Glassdoor reports indicate companies in Bangalore like Accenture pay Rs 800K/ annum, Cap Gemini pays up to Rs1,675K/annum and Mindtree up to Rs 1516K/annum for an experienced and skilful CSM. These salaries indicate the dire need of such professionals. The supply of such certified, experienced Scrum Masters is exceptionally high. As long as teams exist the need for such professional is always present and will show an upward trajectory.


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