Blogging for Beginners: 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Blogging for beginners can be very exciting. After all, you’re going to grow a big audience to read your blog, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy as beginner bloggers.

The number of bloggers is expected to reach 31.7 million in 2020. You need to create a great blog that stands out from the crowd if you want people to visit your website instead of one of your competitors.

If you’re new to blogging, you’re bound to make mistakes. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to avoid them. Keep learning to four three common mistakes that beginner bloggers often make.

1. Not Understanding Your Audience

It isn’t hard for new bloggers to get excited and start writing about everything. The question is, do the people you want reading your blog want to read what you’re writing?

Do some research beforehand about your target audience. You want to check and see if there is a demand for what you’re writing about.

You can look at keyword tools and Google Trends to check the popularity of a topic. If something gets consistent search traffic, it’s a good bet your audience will want to know about it.

2. Not Gathering Emails

Many of your visitors are going to find you using a search engine. They are going to your website to find an answer to their question. Why should they come back to your website after they get their answer?

You need to find a way to entice your visitors to join your email list. Offer a freebie to your visitors in exchange for their email.

Once you have built your email list, you can send an email blast whenever you publish a new blog. Your email list will help increase the traffic to your website, increase your brand engagement, and entice people to buy any products you sell.

3. Not Optimizing for Mobile Devices

Internet use on mobile devices has finally overtaken desktop internet usage. In most cases, you can expect mobile users to make up the bulk of your website traffic. It’s a problem if your website doesn’t look good on their devices.

You need a responsive web design if you want your website to look great on any device. These designs will change their layout based on the size of the screen.

4. Not Creating a Content Schedule

Why would anyone continue to check your website if they don’t know when your new posts happen? If you’re unpredictable with your content, people won’t bother coming back to your site regularly.

Create a content schedule and stick to it. You can write several articles at once if you have trouble sticking to a writing schedule. Once you have a batch of blogs written, you can schedule them to go live automatically.

Blogging for Beginners Isn’t Easy

Yes, it’s easier than ever to launch a website of your own. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re going to get people coming to your site once you start it. Make sure to avoid the mistakes above to make sure the people that find you keep coming back.

Blogging for beginners requires a lot of dedication and research. Head back to our blog to learn everything else you need to know about getting your blog started the right way.

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