What Is Cross-Channel Marketing and How It Can Benefit Your Business?

Consumer spending makes up 68% of the US economy and shows no signs of slowing down. You’d think that it would be easy for businesses to attract customers. Unfortunately, it’s not. With heightened spending comes more competition.

That has made today’s market a hard one to thrive in.

The solution to that problem for many organizations is investing in marketing. Even with a strategy in place though, there’s no guarantee you’ll be successful.

Therein lies the value of cross-channel marketing. If you’re not sure what cross-channel marketing is, you’re in the right place.

Below, we break down all of cross-channel’s intricacies and benefits.

What Is Cross-channel Marketing?

Put simply, cross-channel marketing takes a diverse approach to engaging consumers by spreading marketing campaigns across various engagement platforms (TV, email, social, etc.).

The hope here is that companies can engage a broad swath of consumers by designing ways where many marketing mediums can co-exist.

Is Cross-Channel Marketing the Same As Multi-Channel Marketing?

Cross-channel marketing and multi-channel marketing are often used interchangeably. As most growth marketing experts will tell you though, those terms do have differences.

Cross-channel marketing aims to make platforms work together rather than simultaneously.

Multi-channel marketing is focused on getting the same message up on as many platforms as possible at the same time. Each of these messages push to the same end.

What Are a Few Cross-Channel Marketing Advantages?

Cross-channel marketing carries several unique advantages when compared to other marketing strategies. A few of its core perks include:

Escorting Customers Through Many Touchpoints

Cross-channel marketing pulls in customers on one channel and guides them twords others. This helps businesses grow their followings across various platforms.

Larger platform followings mean more effective platform-specific campaigns in the future.

Raises Team Awareness of Platforms

When cross-channel marketing, teams must design campaigns in a way that allows platforms to co-exist. This requires careful planning and intricate knowledge of each platform being used.

The level of care necessary to craft cross-channel campaigns will make your team more aware of each platform’s intricacies. That may allow them to become channel experts and more effective salespeople.

A Deeper Understanding of Consumer Preferences

As customers move through your cross-channel campaign, what do you notice? Do you find that you’re able to transition your audience from TV ads to your YouTube channel but not from YouTube to your website?

Seeing where customers stop on their cross-channel journey can give you insight into weak links in your marketing chain. It’s also telling of your consumer’s marketing preferences.

Is Cross-channel Marketing Right for You?

You may find that cross-channel marketing is an effective means of getting traction from your consumer base. On the other hand, homogeneous audiences may only be interested in TV ads (for example) and won’t be likely to engage digitally.

Only you can determine whether cross-channel marketing is likely to provide returns!

Need more insight as you aim to discover cross-channel’s benefits? If so, feel free to read more content on the subject in our blog!

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