2020’s Best Laptops for Photo Editing

Whether you’re a casual photography enthusiast or have made this art into a career everyone has something in common. All the photos need to be edited.

The majority of photographs will not be their best in their raw form. So, you’ll need to plug the photos into a laptop to edit them and bring out the best in the picture.

What makes a laptop good for photo editing? Which one should you pick for your pictures?

Here are our picks for 2020’s best laptops for photo editing.

What Are We Looking for in the Best Laptops for Photo Editing?

While the specifics are going to vary depending on the skill level of the photographer and the budget you’re working with there are a few consistent qualities a good laptop for editing has.

You’ll want to find a laptop with a good quality monitor. After all, if you’re color correcting on a monitor that isn’t showing the work true to color, that’s a problem. Look for screens with IPS technology.

These screens will offer brighter images, a wider viewing angle (which comes in handy when you rotate picture views), and the best reproduction of the actual colors.

Photos from a professional camera are also quite memory dense so you’ll need a good amount of RAM to handle the uploads and downloads required. You should be looking for at least 8GB of RAM and at least an Intel Core i3 processor. Don’t bother with storage under 256GB you’ll be disappointed.

The Apple MacBook Pro

Apple has always dominated the video and photography space because their products have always been leaps and bounds ahead of others when it comes to handling fine details and editing software.

The current iteration of the MacBook does not disappoint and is truly your best bet when it comes to a solid photo editing laptop.

However, the Apple MacBook Pro is not within everyone’s budget. The price point comes in right around $1600 – $1800 depending on how much storage you’re looking for. But you’ll be getting the super-fast performance and what has been deemed the best MacBook ever so, maybe worth it.

Dell Inspiron 13 7000

If you’re looking for something in a lower price point that is still going to give you a quality editing experience look no further than the Dell Inspiron 13 7000.

This powerful little tablet/laptop combo has impressive performance, great memory, and adequate storage to handle all of your photo editing needs.

With a price tag from $400 – $700 depending on storage, the price is also right within anyone’s budget. Again proving you don’t have to break the bank to create a quality product.

Go Out There and Shoot Some Pictures!

We hope this list of what to look for and our picks for the best laptops for photo editing inspired you to get out there and start shooting pictures. Now that you have what you need to edit them when you get home the sky is the limit.

Use your imagination and make some magic.

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