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A Review of Visual Composer Hub: A Feature Library for a WordPress Site.

There are several things to consider when starting a new WordPress website. One of the primary things is getting a good domain name, appropriate hosting service, and powerful tools (plugins) that will assist you in your website creation process.


The powerful WordPress plugin is exactly the topic of this post that reveals the capability of one of the most advanced website builders for WordPress, Visual Composer Website Builder. Particularly, its assets library – Visual Composer Hub. Before getting to know what this library has to offer, let’s get to know more about Visual Composer.

About Visual Composer Website Builder

Visual Composer is a drag and drop website builder that lets you build the whole site, including headers and footers. With a wide range of features, it is suitable for both, WordPress beginners and experts. For a quick start, it offers a free version that can be upgraded to Premium when in need of more advanced features.

visualcomposer homepage preview

There are many different features that are complemented with monthly, sometimes more frequent, updates from Visual Composer Website Builder team. Features that are so important for websites – templates, elements, extensions, they all are available from the evergreen cloud marketplace called Visual Composer Hub – the essence of this plugin.

Visual Composer Hub

When you create a WordPress website, you often will need additional plugins. WordPress plugins compliment your website helping to increase your site’s functionality. The downside is that too many plugins can slow down your site and after all, it can end up costly. The good news is that there is a solution to it provided by one-in-all WordPress site builders.


Particularly, Visual Composer Website Builder has a Visual Composer Hub that offers a heap of popular content elements straight from its front-end editor. Once you activate the hub, you are free to download elements, templates, and extensions. Hero sections, social media buttons, image slideshows, video players, page templates, blocks, header, footer editor, and 3rd party compatibilities like well-known WooCommerce and Contact Form 7.

You can access these and other features for free straight after you activate the Visual Composer Hub. Around 40+ features are there with no cost. However, if you want to take full advantage over 100+ features, there is an option to upgrade.


Visual Composer Premium license will grant you unlimited access to the whole bunch of features and help you through the website creation process with real expert support. Continuing to explore Visual Composer Hub, let’s look at what benefits it has to offer.

Page Templates

Visual Composer Hub offers a wide range of ready-made page templates that will fit any kind of website project. They are a good fit for a business, finance niche; for an online store, portfolio, restaurant, hotel, and many other services.


The page templates are a great help in order to create pages faster and easier. Also, it is an opportunity for WordPress beginners to dive into their own site creation without using any expert skills. All you have to do is download the template you like, and adjust your own content.

Template Blocks

The next goodie in the Visual Composer Hub is Block templates. The content pieces that allow you to design your page from blocks consisting of different elements. For example, a hero section with built-in buttons, testimonials, price table or a feature list, they all are block templates. With a help of those, you can easily build your page in a few drag and drop manners.

Content Elements

Visual Composer Website Builder comes with a set of valuable content elements. The text block, icon, button, image block, they are all regular content elements that can be added to your site layout to craft your page.


You can start from scratch and create a fully custom layout, adding an element after an element, or you can supplement existing design with a specific element from the downloadable library.

The basic elements already mentioned will provide easy text input, row/column element allows you to create more complicated design structure.


The Visual Composer Hub offers you various media elements (image gallery, video background, slideshows) that are there to add an eye-catching experience onto your site. In contrast, social content elements make sure your site visitors are able to share your content.


Another section in Visual Composer Hub is for Add-ons. For example, Global Templates add-on allows you to save any of your custom layouts as your templates and re-use them on other pages. In addition, in tandem with the Export/Import add-on, you can use your templates on another website that’s made in Visual Composer Website Builder.

Compatibility Elements

Apart from the basic, media, social and content elements, Visual Composer Hub provides users with compatibility elements for often used 3rd party plugins. The compatibility element of the WordPress editor Gutenberg is there, as well as WooCommerce, Yoast, Caldera Forms, Contact Form 7, Advanced Custom Fields, and other popular plugins compatibility.


Before enjoying the compatibility, make sure to activate and create content in a specific plugin first on your WordPress admin, then head to Visual Composer front-end editor and insert a form, table, product page, etc., straight from the Visual Composer without leaving the editor.

Design Options

Any Visual Composer element can be customized with the help of powerful design options. The set of design parameters allows you to add and modify the styling of the content elements by applying new style properties and effects.


You can control the styling for both, containers (row, column, section) and all content elements available in the Visual Composer Hub. Adjust paddings, margins, borders and radius, background image position, apply parallax effect and shape divider. Set responsive design and take advantage of CSS animations.

WordPress Theme Builder

Although part of the Visual Composer Hub, this component is worth it to highlight it separately. Visual Composer Theme Builder for WordPress is a header, footer, and sidebar editor that goes beyond the content area allowing you to shape unique page layouts.

Theme Builder Page Layout


The theme builder has the power to adjust any page layout no matter what theme you use. You can create a page with a header only or add a footer and sidebar. You can also choose blank and create a landing page for a specific marketing event.


You can use your saved headers, footers, and sidebars across your site page as well as WordPress dynamic pages. This feature allows you to design dynamic page templates that can be defined as site-wide styles.

Wrapping It Up

Visual Composer Hub provides users with many useful features, elements, and templates. To get unlimited access to the Visual Composer Hub, you will need to get the Visual Composer Premium license which is worth it from all spectrums.


Subscription to the Visual Composer Hub (by the way it’s $59 only per year) will grant you access to all the necessary features you need in order to create a functional WordPress website. On top of that, Visual Composer Hub has continuously incoming new features that are always free for Premium users.

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