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8 Ways Expert SEO Services Helps Your Gourmet Gifts Website

How far can expert SEO services take your business? Well, Neil Patel, a well-known marketing, and SEO expert recorded a 206 percent increase in his website traffic due in part, to search engine optimization.


Are you scared of checking how many clicks your website has gotten in the last couple of months because, well, it’s so few?


What’s more, does the comments section look like a barren wasteland because no one strolled by?


You go over your checklist again:


  • Amazing homepage- Check
  • Superb content- Check
  • Regular blog posts- Check


Still, no one visits your website. Pageviews are dismal.


It’s time to throw in the towel. You aren’t cut out to run a website, you think.

Hold that thought.


The solutions here will take you from zero comments, three subscribers and 20 monthly clicks to “wow, this is unbelievable”

8 Benefits of Expert SEO Services for Your Gourmet Gift Website

You know it. Search engine optimization isn’t for the fainthearted.


You want results without the guesswork. Expert SEO services help you attract the eyeballs your website need, without trial and error. Now, let’s uncover eight ways professional SEO services will help your gourmet gifts website.

1. Increased Traffic

You already put in the effort to build a website. You have good content, even an excellent social media page. What are you missing out that makes your website go unexplored?


Search is the number one driver of traffic to content sites. The statistics beat that of social media by 300 percent.


75 percent of users never scroll past the first page of search results. The top listing on Google’s SERP gets 33 percent of the traffic while the second gets 17 percent. At the bottom of the first page, there’s a lot less traffic.


You should use the services of an SEO expert to increase your chances of ranking high on search engines. Finding you first via search engines increases the traffic to your website.


At this point, you’d stop struggling to compete with others. You are the competition.

2. Better User Experience

An SEO expert comes to the negotiation table with one aim in mind: to make your website more visible. That’s what makes him or her worth your dollars.


Getting to this point would involve optimizing your website to ensure the design is mobile friendly, that there are sound user signals (low bounce rates, high amount of time spent on site) and that there is a proper integration of photos and videos on your site.


All this is with the aim of upping your user experience, leading to users seeking your gourmet gifts brand.

3. More Clients Knock on Your Virtual (And Actual) Door

Gourmet Gifts are in high demand. Take a look at Amazon! Think about the effect of increased website traffic and profit due to expert SEO services; especially so during festive seasons, when people buy more gifts.


Since SEO works on both local and national levels, proper use of professional SEO services will have gourmet gift shoppers patronizing you, expanding your brand both at the local and national levels.


They may trip over one another in a bid to get your products and services!


But of course, you would stock up because you don’t want to give customers a chance to be irritable, right?

4. Cost-effectiveness

Inbound leads cost 61 percent less than outbound leads (SEO is 100 percent inbound).


When compared to other digital marketing channels, SEO has the cheapest cost-per-lead.


SEO is cost-effective because target users are searching for your products and services online.


You don’t have to spend money on outbound leads which cost more and work less.

5. Targeting of Online Shopping Activities

81 percent of customers conduct research online before shopping. With expert SEO services, this digital connection of shoppers favors your brand.


When a hamper shopper conducts an online research, SEO will make your gourmet hamper packages too visible to ignore. Provision of excellent delivery services is a plus.

6. Long-Term Lead Generation

With expert SEO services, effective marketing strategies are born.


There is the generation of results, and they continue to rake in profits for a long time.


You don’t have to keep spending money on SEO services. Once your website is up in the rankings; customers would click on it day in, day out.


Generating passive income via SEO is the way to go!

7. SEO Captures Mobile Leads

Approximately 60 percent of internet searches performed in 2016 were on mobile devices. Query length was also reported to be longer via mobile phones than via the use of computers.

Users conducted detailed searches via mobile phones.


In a 2016 survey, 76 percent of those who conducted a local search on their mobile phones visited a business in 24 hours. 28 percent of such visits led to them buying a product.


Food and beverage had the highest percentage of mobile search.


Food and wine hampers are perfect gifts to sell to your mobile leads. Tasmanian Gourmet Gifts Website gives clients the opportunity of creating the unique content of their hampers. You might want to read up their website for more information.


You need to find a way to make your website visible to mobile searches so you can make sales to them. What more than through the use of expert SEO services?

8. SEO Never Sleeps

With expert SEO services, you have an efficient marketing team for your gourmet gifts website.

Search engine optimization has no closing hours and allows those who are interested in what you have to offer come in contact with you. Aren’t they the best employees? (They never ask for a pay raise too!)


Clients can make orders at any time. With prompt delivery services, you’d win their loyalty. All because you had excellent SEO services!

To Wrap Up

Expert SEO services deliver on your traffic needs so that you can focus on running your business. Whatever services you provide as a gourmet gift shop, professional SEO services will give your business a boost; especially if you’d instead be getting results already.


After all, who wants to be fumbling in the dark about what works or doesn’t work.


Even if you have a good number of clients, you still have room for growth. Wouldn’t you rather grow without sabotaging yourself?


Be the gourmet gift shop that stands out by leveraging on expert SEO services.

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