8 SEO Fundamentals You Should Learn First As a Beginner

Introducing yourself in the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be a little overwhelming. There are lots of ineffective techniques and confusing terms. I know it’s hard to stay sane and maintain being a reasonable person. We all know the struggle. But if you know where to pick things up and if you learn from the right sources, it’s actually pretty easy to learn.


Check out below the 8 SEO Fundamentals beginners need to know


  1. Basic Components of SEO

The main goal of SEO is to rank high in SERPs relevant to your industry. SEO success happens with the combination of different components, including keywords research, high-quality content, backlink and social signals. There are no shortcuts to the top. You cannot also reach the peak of success using only one technique. You must know all the basic steps to understand it better. Once you’ve known the basics, you are now ready to dive into much deeper water.


  1. On-site SEO

You should be familiar with on-site optimization. It is indeed complex and most of the time confusing to beginners.  To avoid confusion, you may want to skip all the technical stuffs and focus more on the basics. These basics include meta descriptions and descriptive titles. Make sure that your site is mobile optimized, has a minimal code and offers easy navigation. Consider adding high-quality content on every page of your site and these things will give you a good head start.


  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is dubbed as one of the most important elements in your SEO strategy. By providing high-quality content, you can build a strong bond with your target audience. You can create a long term relationship with them when you provide them what they want to find and you publish high-quality content to every page of your website.


  1. Link Building

Link building is not dead. In fact, old school link building will never die.  It’s still holding its place as one of the top ranking signals of Google. Regardless of how many algorithm Google rolled, it remains one of the killer skills in SEO. Google is in love with high quality links. Quality of link can be determined by your site’s domain authority, but also depends if it is relevant or closely related to your site. Your website will not going to rank itself, if you want more organic traffic local citation building service is a must for your website.


  1. UX Signals

Smart as it can be, Google can determine whether a visitor likes your site or not. They can tell with how your visitors interact with your site. If users like your site, expect some pouring love from Google thru massive ranking boost. But if they don’t, Google will likely bury your site into the deep nothingness.


  1. Backlinks

Links directing to your site from another webpage are called backlinks. Having wider reach for your content is very helpful. Reaching out to editors and site administrators can get you an opportunity to link back to your site through guest blog posts. Engaging with new audience can generate more direct traffic to your site.


  1. Local SEO

Local SEO has less competition compared to organic SEO. How does it work? In Local SEO, you have to make sure that your NAPW (Name,Address,Phone,Website) is consistent and accurate. Information on your website and other local listing should be identical and correct.


  1. Google Analytics

This is the best way to measure your SEO results. It’s free and easy to navigate. Thru Google Analytics, you’ll gain insights to your traffic and you can measure how many people have visited your site thru search engine results. You can now think of other strategies and SEO efforts  to increase your organic traffic overtime.


Final Words


Learning these fundamentals is not enough to make you a great SEO master. It’s not necessary to learn these in order. All successful SEO campaigns begin with one small basic step. You will be surprised that SEO is not that complicated at all if you know how to execute these 8 fundamentals properly. Following these fundamentals and providing high quality content regularly is a solid move that will give you massive ranking boost ahead from your competitors.

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