5 Unique Marketing Strategies for Bloggers

Whether you want to show the benefits of a product, or grow your brand completely, creating unique marketing strategies as a blog writer is essential to its growth.

There are thousands of ways to market your blog. However, which ones will really make you stand out from your competition?

Continue reading to find out.  

Five Unique Marketing Strategies

  1. Create a video

Including a video in your content means you’re more likely to increase your conversion rate and gain new subscribers to your website.

Does it have to be some elaborate production similar to a popular YouTube star? Of course not. However, it will make you more personable to your fan base. Additionally, it shows you’re a brand that’s all about promoting transparency. 

  1. Work with another blogger

Taking over someone else’s social media account can be a great way to gain new subscribers within your target market.

A Snapchat or Instagram takeover are the norm. However, you can think bigger! Hosting a Q&A session on Facebook Live or Twitter will get your brand name out there.

You can even let your account be taken over by a popular blogger that works within your industry. That way, you’ll gain clicks and hits from their followers, too. 

  1. Create a retargeting campaign  

If you aren’t familiar with retargeting, you’ll quickly realize how valuable it can be for long-term growth.

This is one of the most effective and unique marketing strategies out there. A retargeting campaign can be defined as a subliminal way to advertise to the visitors of your blog.

When you get a visitor to your website, the retargeting campaign allows your ads to display on other websites your readers visit. 

That item potential customers left in their carts, but never actually bought? You can send them a gentle reminder to complete their purchase in their news feeds.

 This is extremely valuable when you are selling a major product or service.

  1. Run a survey

Regardless of whether you have 50 subscribers or 5,000, a fun way to engage your readers is to put a poll up on your social media pages.

Facebook and Twitter both allow you to create polls directly on a page. So, coming up with a few ideas and letting the audience decide is a fun way to keep them coming back for more.

This can also lead to discussions directly in the comments section, meaning more activity in your community.

  1. Offer your services in coupon books

One of the least thought of unique marketing strategies is to put a flyer in a local discount booklet or magazine.

Hotels, for example, use these ads to book promotional dates. Why can’t your business do the same?

This direct mail solution can do wonders to grow your business in a matter of weeks. Plus, you may be the only blogger offering services in the magazine.

Wrapping Things Up

Taking these steps won’t turn your business around overnight.

However, these unique marketing strategies can mean the difference between your blog going from unknown to well-known in a matter of weeks.

Do you have your own tips that you can give us? Leave a comment below and add to the discussion!

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