4 Most Innovative Web Design Trends That Will Set You Apart

Web design has become one of the most popular — and lucrative — creative outlets of the 21st century.

The rapidly-growing digital world has allowed designers the opportunity and platform to create digital masterpieces.

Adding glitz and glamor with HTML, using CSS techniques to enhance page layouts, and using Photoshop are some of the best web design trends.

Although these trends are the industry’s workhorses, there are a handful of truly innovative web design trends that are exemplify ingenuity.

4 Most Innovative Web Design Trends

  1. Amazing Animation

Animation has always been one of the most fantastic design elements of any website. 

At the beginning of the online explosion, most graphics were limited to just plain pictures. However, multimedia options and animated graphic designs have undergone an incredible transformation in recent years. 

Pictures move, images appear and disappear, and websites have become a truly interactive experience.

Any web designer will detail how important the use of animation is for any given website.

Further, these designers will acknowledge how programs and editors such as UXPin, hover animations, image galleries, page motion, and backgrounds can upgrade even the most bland website.  

  1. Tons of Color

Sometimes the simplest way to overcome creative blocks while designing sites is to simply switch up the colors. It’s always nice to add a ton of vibrant hues to liven up a layout.

Color plays a huge part in getting a visitor’s attention. 

Too little color, and the monotony on the screen could deter visitors. Too much color, and the overabundance can send viewers searching for the back button.

Just like deciding on colors for a room or a house, creating a color scheme or palette is the best start for mastering this web design trend.

  1. Layouts that Come Alive

One of the most amazing attributes that any web design professional can add to a site is an interactive, high-quality layout. 

Using Photoshop to create page layouts can take a basic website to a work-of-art in a few short steps.

Being able to layer, create a 3-D effect, and make images come alive make a web site ooze ingenuity.

  1. 360 Video and VR

Who doesn’t want to experience VR (virtual reality)? 

One of the most popular gifts for the last few holiday seasons has been VR headsets — and with good reason.

Being able to experience a game, a graphic, and a website via VR is becoming a popular aspect of web design.

Websites that allow users or visitors to be totally immersed in the content through VR is one of the biggest trends of the year.

The ‘In’ of Innovation

Knowing which innovative web design trends are ‘in’ this year can give designers an extra edge over their competition.

Adding splashes of vibrant color, interactive animations and graphics, stellar layouts, and total immersion via VR and 360 videos take web design to an entirely new level. 

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, and in this case, outside of the computer display screen.

Go big. Go bold. Get innovative and design something amazing.

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