5 Reasons Why Your Website Design Shouldn’t Be DIY

With platforms like WordPress powering nearly 1/3 of all websites, entrepreneurs have more website creation tools at their disposal than ever before.

But saving a few dollars now could cost you big in the long-term. That’s because a DIY website doesn’t guarantee quality. In fact, a poorly designed site can often harm your business.

Here are five reasons why you should outsource the task and let the pros handle your website design.

1. Bad Website Design Scares Away Clients

Every business owner wants their work to stand out. Unfortunately, your work may not always stand out for the right reasons.

Poor website design is something that people refuse to put up with anymore. If a website takes more than a few seconds to load, looks straight out of 1996, or just isn’t helpful, customers won’t hesitate to turn to your competition.

In some cases, bad web design may be worse than not having a website at all.

A business’ website serves as its digital headquarters. Make sure your website accurately represents your business. As the pros like Coso Media will tell you, web design and development matters, so don’t take risks.

2. DIY Design Limits Customization

There are thousands of free themes on site builders that allow you to customize your website. These themes are great starting points, but they don’t allow full customization. There’s no substitute for quality web design that meshes with your brand, and many themes simply aren’t designed for such a task.

3. You May Not Be an SEO Pro

There’s so much more to the web design process than choosing the right fonts and colors. A good design doesn’t just please customers — it pleases search engines, too.

Proper web design is a must for SEO. Should you fail to meet current SEO standards, you can expect your site to slip off of the front page, or worse, disappear from search engines completely.

4. The Web Design Process Takes Time

Learning the ropes of web design isn’t something one can do overnight. There’s a reason web designers are so in demand, after all.

Making even a barely preventable website can take dozens of hours. Don’t let your business go neglected.

A DIY website won’t only look iffy, it’ll take you away from the projects and tasks that require your immediate attention.

5. Websites Require Frequent Maintenance

Your work isn’t done when your website goes live. You’ll still need to conduct maintenance to make sure your business is updated, secure, and functioning properly.

Like the web design process itself, maintenance is difficult, messy, and time-consuming. At best, you’ll risk messing with your site’s current design. At worst, you could leave your website vulnerable to data breaches and cyber attacks.

Leave Your Website Design to the Pros

As tempting as DIY website design may be, it’s something best left to the pros. Though it may cost more upfront, the quality, and level of service you receive from a professional web design can’t be beaten.

Once your great new website is online, make sure the world knows. Check out how you can drive engagement on your site with this handy guide.

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