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Why creating the website with theme is profitable?


We constantly tell you that having a website in 2017 is a must. But what is the best and quickest way to get yourself a professional-looking site nowadays?

If you are a regular Facebook or Instagram user, you must have seen those advertisement posts that yell at you that you must get yourself a professional website development company, so they could do their job and get from you a big fat check. Is it really necessary? Let me help you and point out the main concerns about this kind of lazy approach. But first, let me tell you a story of my friend-entrepreneur who ordered a website development services from one of the well-known companies in his city. I will not reveal the names here, I’ll just say that it happened in Toronto.

So my friend asked me recently to help him out with his newly created website and fix a few issues there. I was confused, cause a month ago he was bragging that he is going to get a fully functional website developed by professionals for a pretty huge amount paid.

I couldn’t wait to see the finished project and guess what?

The first problem occurred when they stalled the release of the project, they missed all the deadlines a few times, then they gave him the website and he paid them 2,5 thousand dollars, according to the contract.

The website that I saw was looking good, yet it wasn’t perfect. When I opened the admin panel I understand what the hell is wrong with it.

It was a website built on a stolen theme from Envato marketplace and Visual Composer. The Visual Composer was not activated and the theme itself didn’t have a license code, so it was a pirate garbage.

So after paying more than two thousand dollars my friend did end up with a bootleg website with a lot of problems caused by the fact that the theme was simply stolen and wasn’t licensed properly.

And now, while he is taking actions and fight for the justice (with the help of his friend and your humble servant), I will tell you how you can avoid such mistakes and even build a profitable business on using premium website templates.

How can you personally benefit from themes?

So I’ve just told you a story of my friend and, trust me, this is not the first time I see such situation. The saddest moment comes when you realize that such kind of a rookie job is performed by big companies with good reputation. I believe that’s cause they usually work with the humble and not skilled enough clients, so they simply do not see how they fool them. But that’s not a point. What can I offer you in order for you not to be screwed by those big web development companies?

Fifteen years ago we decided that it’s going to be more convenient for people to create a website if they could have access to a catalog of templates. Those templates looked like the finished projects and included lots of demo data there. So basically, we wanted to make the developer’s life easier. But who else can benefit from our catalog today?

You. This is simple. Times go by and people become more and more educated in the web-development niche. Everyone wants to build something unique and professional looking. Some of you decide to do it on your own and save some money. That’s where the TemplateMonster Marketplace can proudly say that they’ve got you covered.

First of all, it’s important to note that you don’t really need any coding skills to start a website based on the TemplateMonster theme.

For example, let’s take the easiest CMS on the market – WordPress. They have lots of premium WordPress themes for a fair price. We have sorted them out according to different niches, so any type of entrepreneur or simply any individual will definitely find something fitting the needs.

So what are the basic benefits of our templates compared to ordering a website from some firm?


All those developers will charge you no less than a thousand dollars. The usual price for a single project varies around 3-5 thousand dollars.

What about our themes? What if you simply take one of our WordPress themes and build a website based on it?

The price for a single template goes no higher than $79. That’s nothing compared to those crazy numbers that I mentioned above. But that’s still not all!

TemplateMonster offers lots of different discounts throughout the year and sometimes you can get a theme with a 30-40% discount. That’s hell of a discount, I believe.


WordPress themes are currently bundled with lots of different features. If we talk about the possibility of developing your own website without asking someone to do that in exchange for a fat check, I have to underline our most recent feature. This is the drag-n-drop visual builder.

With this builder, you will be able to build your website block by block like you are playing with Lego or something like that. Basically, you just simply select the modules you want to be displayed on the page and add them in a few clicks.

So you can take our theme and customize it to your needs with more modules and widgets than you even see on the live preview and demo pages.

Customer Service

I would say that this is one of the most important things when you are building something without enough knowledge.

If any problems appear, simply knock on the door of our customer support chat or ask us to give you a callback and we will come like it’s the ‘Bat-signal’.

So you will never be alone with your problems. We sell templates to our clients and then give them a hand when they need us the most. Don’t have any web-design knowledge or simply cannot find a good solution for your issue? That’s where our Customer Service Department comes up and says: ‘We’re here for you’.

Get the advice from real professionals in a few click on a 24/7 basis. We don’t really care when the problem occurred, we will be there even in a middle of the night.

So as you can see, working with TemplateMonster templates and trying to build something on your own is not scary at all. Anyway, you are not alone in this journey.

For $79 or less you get a fully-functional product that gives you a chance to create a website in a day or so. Add the free product support on top of that…. Do you really think that someone deserves those thousands of dollars from your pocket now?

How can you make money with TemplateMonster themes?

On the other hand, there is another way for you to benefit from our themes. It’s gonna work out for you only in case you are a skilled WordPress user or you know how to deal with HTML templates or eCommerce templates.

In the section above I explained to you how you can develop your own website for a price of $79 (sometimes less) + hosting + domain name. This is kind of the cheapest way to get a site for your business and make sure that you don’t become homeless after that, ha-ha.

But now, I’d like to tell you that you can also start your own web-studio and develop websites based on our themes.

You can offer your clients the most convenient services for a reasonable price. For example, you can develop a website for them and get some money for this services. Your client will be able to choose from thousands of great-looking designs (you can find them all in our main catalog). Just ask him which design he likes the most and let him tell you what kind of additional features and customization options he wants you to take care of.

There are hundreds of web-studios all over the world that work with us and, lucky for you, we cannot resist from helping them out.

Besides the constant discounts that they offer to clients, they have created a catalog of web-studios that work with us. These are the trustworthy guys and if you want your studio to become a part of it, make sure you read our rules and guidelines by the link.

As you can see, TemplateMonster not only gives you a wide selection of products but also tries to help you reach new clients and offer them your services!

What can I build with TemplateMonster themes?

What kind of services does TemplateMonster offer?

In this article I wanted to highlight the key opportunities that you have while working with the TemplateMonster marketplace. But I’m sure that some of you are not skilled enough for that. But you still do not have enough money for a fancy studio that will charge you a hell of an amount, right?

They have own project and it’s called the TM Service Center. They can customize the template that you’ve bought from us and get your going. Make sure you check out all their offers.


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