5 Reasons Why Typography Matters In Web Design

Before we move into the ‘why’ of things, let’s first take a look at the ‘what’.

Now, what exactly is typography?

To paraphrase Wikipedia – Typography is the method of arranging written text in a way that is appealing to read. This is also called typesetting.

Typography changes with the times, here is an updated view on the trends in 2017.

This art form involves being able to select the right typefaces, line length, point size, line-spacing, letter-spacing, and adjusting the space inside of letter pairs (called kerning).

Sure, you already knew that, but why is it so important?

 bad type

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From headlines to h1 tags, the world wide web is composed entirely of text. Sure, whatever code in the backend will never be seen – but it does dictate how it’s presented on the front-end. So with that in mind, good presentation is a must. Here are 5 more reasons why good typography is essential.

 1) Increases readership & sales

Web typography is synonymous with “information design”. When it comes to designing a web page, typography doesn’t just end at picking out a font type. It is the art of separating and arranging chunks of information in a legible way so the reader is able to find what he/she is looking for. A good typographer has a deep understanding of the content, and the market he/she is speaking to.

2) Lowers bounce rates

Good content isn’t enough on the web anymore. If your design content appears dull and drabby, chances are your readers will get bored. Make sure to have good typography that is easy to read, follow, and absorb. This will lower the rate of readers leaving your page.

3) Affects the brand value

Good typography must flow cohesively with good graphics and vice versa. Without one another, tone and manner fails, and ultimately, so does branding.

4) Affects your authority status

Every field has its expert, take a look around the web. But not every field expert pays attention to how content looks on their site. Set yourself apart from the rest.

5) Makes you look more professional

There is nothing more important to your success in an industry than whether or not you have a professional, creditable, trustworthy, and reputable presence. Typography can help achieve that sense of authority.

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