Kickstarter: The Art of Sandwiches x CLD Giveaway

There are only a few things in life that can get me going and that’s food, and art. Combine them together and I’m all smiles.

For Gabrielle and Jeremy, two graphic designers from Sydney, Australia, their love of food and art resulted in a Kickstarter project tastily titled “The Art of Sandwiches”. Perfect for your home, art studio, classroom, cafĂ©, office or as a gift, the project is a series of delicious A2 posters that’s been inspired by the major art movements in history.

“As designers, we are constantly drawing inspiration from the defining art movements that made modern art what it is today. After lengthy discussions over many weeks we decided to turn our ideas and concepts into something real. There were four art movements that intrigued us the most; Abstract, Cubism, Minimalism & Psychedelic. Each sandwich visually reflects it’s chosen movement.” – Gabrielle & Jeremy

For more information check out The Art of Sandwiches over at Kickstarter.





Hungry for a mouth-watering poster? Good!

Crazy Leaf Design is giving one lucky fan a poster of his/her choice! Head over to our Facebook Page now. All you have to do is ‘Like’ the post and tell us which of the four sandwich posters you like best. One winner will be randomly selected if the project gets successfully funded.

This contest ends in a week at 12:00am (PST) on September 28th 2014

Written by Alex Wang

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