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3 Tips for a Successful Salon SEO Strategy

Building your Salon SEO strategy plan takes time.


Most likely, you won’t see real results for a few months. However, it’s still imperative that you organize SEO for business purposes.


Want to discover how you can craft your own salon marketing plan with a few tips for a successful salon SEO strategy?


Keep reading to learn our top 3 tips for SEO.

1. Master Keywords for Optimal Salon Marketing

One tip for ensuring that your SEO strategy is on target is through the power of keywords.

Google AdWords has a wonderful tool that you can use to discover the best keywords to incorporate into your website.


A keyword planner is essential to maintain relevant content that is reaching out to your audience in an organic manner.


You can make an ad group consisting of one or two words that are relevant to your business. These words can be “nail spa” or “spa pedicure” for your spa niche.


The keyword planner is able to tell you the average monthly searches that come up with these words. Phrases related to your products are important to add to your website for better search results.


Choose keywords that will work for your spa marketing plan today with the help of Google’s keyword planner.

2. Create Better Content

If you are only posting content on your social media accounts one time a week, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to attract more customers.


Consistent content that is relevant to your business must be available online. How else will your customers learn more about your products and services that they must check out from your salon and not any others?


To stay in the know, consider hiring a team of experts to write blog posts for you. That way you are not focused on generating three to five pieces each week.


Focus your attention on the larger tasks you face on a daily basis and leave the blog posts to professionals.


Don’t be afraid of SEO outsourcing. If you need to ask an SEO company for additional help, it may result in stronger revenue performance.

3. Social Media Integration

Having a social media presence is another tip that will enable you to market your business appropriately.


You need to have a Facebook page set up for your business to gather likes and real-time feedback from your customers.


Just think about your own life.


Do you turn to Google searches to see how people enjoyed their experience at a new restaurant and base your decision to visit the restaurant for the feedback you read?


The same goes for salons, like the popular Serenity Spa.


People of all ages, especially young people, are spending up to nine hours per day on their phones.


Tap into this valuable fact by incorporating various social media platforms into your salon marketing plan. Create an e-mail list to send out coupons offering discounts if someone brings a new client to your salon.

Still Not Sure About Your SEO Strategy?

CrazyLeaf Design offers global digital graphics and design elements for your business to excel.

From our free tutorials to our blog posts about marketing, we have a few options for you to improve your current SEO ranking.


Let us help you find the best approach to SEO for your individual needs today.

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